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Are you planning to sell your hotel? Is your asset not delivering the desired profit? You have found the right company who provides the best solution for you in the hotel sector. 

Proriat, together with hotel operators, hoteliers and private entrepreneurs, buys or leases promising hotel properties. Providing raising capital services for new projects or those wich need capital for property development. We consider existing hotels and facilities with the possibility of organizing temporary accommodation. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive services for the opening and management of hotels. Our team knows how important it is to keep a high occupancy rate. The services of the hotel operator are the uninterrupted and efficient management of the enterprise. Achieving the desired RevPar, increasing the number of loyal and corporate clients. We will provide guaranteed operating profitability of the hotel up to 30% per month!

Has your restaurant stopped generating the desired profit? Time to act and make decisions!

Proriat, together with restaurateurs and our business partners, are interested in buying turnkey restaurants in the center parts of cities. Why restaurants stop generating the desired income? Due to the decrease in the attendance of the establishment, the volume of sales decreases. The reason for this may be hidden in many aspects of the enterprise. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of the restaurant: product, service, management, marketing, sales, etc. We invest in established restaurants or leasing f&b venues that may need to be rebranded and relaunched. Opening new hospitality projects and providing 360-degree restaurants’ management. We are a team that is focused on results and guarantees a return on investment of 45% per annum.  

Why us?

Our advantages, differences and value

Proriat Hospitality Partners – investment management company in hotel & hospitality industry. We buy, open and operate restaurants and hotels. By investing in ready-made projects, our team ensures effective development and stable profit generation. Strong management is a guarantee of the company’s profitability. Creation of new concepts, opening of hotels and restaurants on a turnkey basis, uninterrupted management, development, intellectual and financial capital is a valuable resource that our clients appreciate. With a results-oriented strategy, we achieve corporate goals and confidently guarantee a return on investment.


Proriat Real Estate – commercial real estate expert. Regular analysis of the local market and exploring new horizons is an important element in finding profitable offers. Focusing on HoReCa objects, our agency is able to offer its own database of operating hotel and restaurant enterprises and favorable locations for the implementation of new conceptual ideas. A full-service company in the opening, management and development of restaurants and hotels. Your partner in renting and buying a restaurant, investing in commercial real estate or leasing out and selling a hotel.


Proriat Franchise Development – comprehensive and strategic development of your brand. Every business needs expansion! The franchise system has proven to be effective in scaling many companies. Only a quality product, strong marketing and sales can ensure the success of a business in reaching a new level. We provide all the necessary services for your company to grow.

What we do?

We create. We Develop. We Manage!



Market research. Search for premises. Expert analysis
Business planning

Business planning

Concept development. Interior Design. Creation of corporate identity


Monitoring and coordination of work. Quality checking.


The process of finding and hiring employees. Team building
Restaurant Opening

Restaurant Opening

Official opening: Event management. Operational management of the project
F&B Cost0%
Labor Cost0%

Average Revenue


Investment from ($/m²)

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Do you want to profitably buy or rent a premise?

The largest database of HoReCa real estate in Ukraine

How we work?

The opening of a restaurant or hotel and its further management, critical stages that should be as clearly planned as possible, even before the start of any work. We will provide you with the most profitable solution in the implementation of a turnkey project, purchase or lease of a ready-made business, selecting of a franchise.   

  • Concept. We are developing a new and unique product. Creating a detailed business plan: Determine the category and type of institution. Our team study the local market and its consumer demand. We analyze the target audience and its purchasing power. We form a budget and calculate the return on investment. Together with designers, we develop an interior design. Branding. Marketing. Management. Etc.
  • Location. We define and select an advantageous location for the implementation of the project or buy/rent an existing establishment. Thanks to our internal database of HoReCa real estate, we can significantly speed up the process of finding the right hospitality premise. 
  • Renovation or rebranding. Depending on the type of transaction with commercial premises, we provide reliable control of all types of work. From selection of a contractor to rebranding and opening of a restaurant or hotel in the shortest possible time.
  • Recruitment. An effective team is a profitable business. We carry out the selection of personnel according to the rule, each employee at his workplace, result-oriented and devoted to his work 100%
  • Launch. Perfectly planned and memorable official opening. We ensure the maximum occupancy of the restaurant and hotel from the first day of work. We provide uninterrupted management and guarantee the achievement of the planned sales volume.

We make every effort to ensure that your establishment brings joy and satisfies the desire of guests, and thus, can generate positive profits, ensure a stable return on investment, and develop dynamically.

Do you want to buy a Franchise or a ready-made business?

Franchise directory and business services

Commercial Real Estate

We will select the best location for a restaurant 

Proriat Real Estate –provides a profitable selection of real estate objects and their effective management. The commercial real estate market is subject to regular changes. In these realities, a high-quality search and analysis of proposals is required. Often, the success of your project will greatly depend on the location. Therefore, We work diligently to facilitate decision-making and ensure the profitability of your asset.

Franchise Catalog

Want to start working with a successful brand? 

Proriat Franchise Development – develops strategic development plans for HoReCa enterprises. In the current economy, restaurants have become more than places where serving delicious food. The guest needs a mental connection with a restaurant brand that he likes. Competently creating a loyalty program, attracting franchisee partners to open new locations, can significantly expand the business horizons and financial capabilities of your company. There are a large number of franchises on the market, without a competent study of the brand, it will be difficult to understand and measure the success of the project in your city. We provide additional assistance and a guarantee of the profitability of your establishment!

Our turnkey solutions

We can create a turnkey mono-format project. Open a restaurant. Provide management of a network of establishments with a guaranteed profitability of 45% per annum


Turnkey Coffee shop

Turnkey burger joint

Turnkey sushi bar

Turnkey Hookah lounge

Turnkey cocktail bar

Turnkey Nightclub


Management 3.0

Management 3.0

Management 3.0 is about team, profit and company development.




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