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Management franchise is a popular business model with different benefits for the franchisor and franchisee. You invest in the opening of a new restaurant, and we take care of its full management and the attraction of franchisees. More details can be found at Proriat Franchise Development

Hospitality Real Estate

Our team constantly looking for the right HoReCa premises for your next project. We can offer a comprehensive real estate solutions to find a requested property, such as coffee shop, restaurant, bar, hotel or nightclub. Contact us today and our agents will prepare the best locations for your new f&b concept.

Turnkey Sushi Bar. Japanese Restaurant Franchise. Ready-Made Business is a hot topic, desire or even a dream of many entrepreneurs.
By contacting Proriat Hospitality Partners, you get a comprehensive solution for the opening, management and development of your restaurant

The way we work?

  • The opening of any project begins with the development of the concept of the future establishment. Our team of creative designers and brand managers will create a unique restaurant.
  • The next important stage in which we are engaged is the selection of a suitable location. Here you need to consider condition of the premises, rental price, location and many other factors before renting an object. Our own database of commercial real estate can greatly facilitate your search.
  • Project documentation, estimates, contractors. Repair work is an important stage that requires full control and coordination in order to avoid unnecessary costs in the future, redoing this or that work.

The Proriat team opens turnkey asian restaurant and mono-format food establishments. Helps to implement successful franchise projects. Works in the commercial real estate market. Selects lucrative offers for the purchase of a ready-made business. And most importantly, we guarantee profitability and ensures uninterrupted management of the enterprise.

открыть суши бар

Designers and Architects

When opening a turnkey sushi bar, we evaluate all elements of a business plan: budget, concept, premises, interior, marketing, management and recruitment.

Designer: LCA Design

Designer: Roth Sheppard Architects

Designer: Sergey Makhno Architects

Designer: A&T Group Interiors

Designer: Bruno Huber Architetti

Stages of opening a Sushi Bar

What do we do for you when we open a turnkey asian restaurant?



Local market study. Property search Assistance/Evaluation. Lease or buy negotiation
Business Planning

Business Planning

Concept development. Interior Design & Brand Identity


Accurate monitoring, check the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project


The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate
Restaurant Opening

Restaurant Opening

Grand opening, Event and promotion management. Sales & marketing strategy implementation.
food & beverage Cost0%
Labor Cost0%
Net Profit0%

Average revenue


Investment +/- ($/m²)

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Commercial Real Estate

We will select the best location for the sushi bar. 

Proriat Real Estate – you may ask many restaurant owners what is most important in a restaurant’s success? The answer is location, location, location, plays a decisive role in the profitability of your project. You may have the unique product in the city, but if it is difficult to reach or in an obscure location, it will be difficult and expensive to attract customers there. By working with us, you get professional services in choosing a location with guaranteed traffic and management solutions for your venue.

Franchise catalog

Would you like to buy a franchise and start working with a successful brand? 

Proriat Franchise Development – have you thought about buying a franchise? Then why not create one to start earning on lump-sum payments and monthly royalties. Of course, the process of creating a scaled brand is a crucial moment and resource-intensive at the initial stage. We have projects that we will be happy to share. In case you are ready, purchase a franchise of a well-known brand. Our team will become an indispensable partner in the selection of a popular concept with a guarantee of return on investment and ensuring the management of your establishment.

Our business solutions  

We’re developing a turnkey mono-format project. Opening a restaurant. Providing project management and guaranteed ROI of 45% annually


Turnkey Pizza Restaurant

Turnkey Burger Restaurant

Coffee Shop Restaurant

Turnkey Hookah Lounge

Turnkey Cocktail Bar

Turnkey Nightclub

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