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Turnkey Pizzeria. Pizza Franchise Opportunities. ReadyMade Business – hot topic, desire or even a dream of many entrepreneurs.
Many restaurateurs and entrepreneurs have seen the potential in creating and developing a mono-format pizzeria concept.

Have you been thinking about opening your own restaurant for a long time? Perhaps you specialize well in your core business. To open a new venture in the food industry, you need experience and knowledge of the nuances of every aspect, adherence to which can guarantee the success of your project.

The Proriat team are experts and professionals in the restaurant business. We open establishments and guarantee their uninterrupted management, with profitability of 45% per annum.

Our comprehensive solutions:
Starting from the creation of a successful concept and the selection of premises to the development of a network development plan and effective asset management.

  • Restaurant franchising
    Selection and development of a brand at the local and regional levels.
  • Commercial real estate
    Unified database of restaurant and hotel real estate. Sale and purchase of a ready-made business.

Designers and Architects

When opening a turnkey pizzeria, we evaluate all elements of a business plan: budget, concept, premises, interior, marketing, management and recruitment.

Designer: Gundry & Ducker

Designer: a+a workshop design


Designer: Art Gluck

Designer: Act Architecture Design

Stages of opening a Pizza Shop

What do we do for you when we open a turnkey Pizzeria?



Local market study. Property search Assistance/Evaluation. Lease or buy negotiation
Business Planning

Business Planning

Concept development. Interior Design & Brand Identity


Accurate monitoring, check the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project


The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate
Restaurant Opening

Restaurant Opening

Grand opening, Event and promotion management. Sales & marketing strategy implementation.
food & beverage Cost0%
Labor Cost0%
Net Profit0%

Average revenue


Investment +/- ($/m²)

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Commercial Real Estate

We will select the best location for the turnkey pizzeria. 

Proriat Real Estate – your reliable partner in the selection, rental or sale of commercial real estate. Each new restaurant or hotel project begins with an in-depth study of the location and analysis of local traffic. Your product should fit perfectly into the lives of your future customers to ensure that the establishment is sufficiently busy in the morning and evening. Our experts collect the best deals on the real estate market. Leave a request, save your time, get results and a guarantee from Proriat!

Franchise catalog

Would you like to buy a franchise and start working with a successful brand? 

Proriat Franchise Development – team of experts who know what format of the institution is currently relevant. Just buying a franchise does not guarantee the profitability of your project. A franchisor gives you a recognizable brand name, but does not provide effective management. We study each proposal in detail in order to minimize your risks as much as possible. We provide comprehensive support in the opening of a new establishment with subsequent uninterrupted management.

Our business solutions  

We’re developing a turnkey mono-format project. Opening a restaurant. Providing project management and guaranteed profitability of 45% annually


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