Effective and Result Oriented Management!

 We will optimize costs and increase profits.

управление отелем

Effective hotel management is the result of the work and an integrated approach to achieving corporate goals. We provide competent hotel management and achieving the financial targets. An experienced team and a strategic approach to work can guarantee the expected income of your asset. You no longer need to think about operational problems, we take all tasks into our own hands and share with you reports on the successfully completed work. We will develop a plan for the dynamic growth of RevPar by attracting new customers and maximizing hotel occupancy. We will optimize costs, increase profits, and shorten the return on investment!

Thinking about developing your restaurant chain? Tired of regular operational problems? Proriat – Manages and develops restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs. Now, you don’t need to say that there are no qualified employees in the market. Our task is to form a talented team, which is driven for the result, will make the restaurant the best institution in the city. Regular control, analysis of restaurant activities, study of competition and changes in consumer demand are important elements in the success of any concept. We will provide uninterrupted management: kitchen, bar, hall, office with a guarantee of achieving financial results. We will optimize costs by 5% and increase turnover by 10%. With us, our partners can look into the future. We believe in every restaurant we work on and guarantee a net profit of 23%/month.

управление рестораном


 80% of a restaurant’s success is determined even before it opens.

Management 3.0 is about team, profit and company development.

  • Can serve for franchisees as admin support and control over the achievement of the desired profit. For the franchisor, this is an additional opportunity and advantage in the opening and development of his brand, offering additional support in the opening and management of establishments for his new partners.
  • The owner of an independent restaurant with a turnover of $1,000,000 or more understands the importance of competent management, the challenges of competition and the need to constantly develop unique offers. At the same time ensuring the smooth running of the establishment.
  • The success of a restaurant opening is determined at the planning stage. A single center that deals with the creation of a new concept, the search and selection of premises, the formation of a team, the opening and management of a restaurant will be able to guarantee the expected profitability and return on investment.


Opening a “Turnkey” restaurant is a comprehensive service for the developing a new winning f&b concept that will become a number one visiting place in your city. Creative work on creating a new format or adapting existing products to the local market. Optimal solutions for the opening of a restaurant with complete control from the idea to the first guests and a guarantee of effective management of your business.


Rebranding is an integral part of any catering establishment that has reached its age and requires radical changes. Prompt change of the restaurant format can help in cases of unsuccessful concept opening. As a result, from an empty hall, make one of the most popular establishments in the city. The art of finding an idea and vision for the future of an ideal restaurant with detailed financial calculations will be able to meet the expectations of guests, and, accordingly, make the restaurant a profitable asset. A restaurant is more than a place where you can have a delicious meal, drink a cocktail or a cup of aromatic coffee. A real restaurant – which opens up to people, can tell a story, provide a journey into the past or the future that can stop time. A place of delight and meeting in an atmosphere that knows how to talk and convey your feelings.

“Start developing your enterprise with us”

Commercial Real Estate

We will select the best location for a restaurant 

Proriat Real Estate – 360 hospitality property expert in Ukraine providing brokerage and investment management solutions. The commercial real estate market is subject to regular changes. In these realities, a high-quality search and analysis of proposals is necessary. Often, the success of your project will greatly depend on the location. Therefore, We work hard to facilitate decision-making and ensure that your asset is profitable.

Franchise catalog

Want to get started with a successful brand? 

Proriat Franchise Development – develops strategic development plans for HoReCa enterprises. In the current economy, restaurants have become more than places to serve delicious food. The guest needs a psychological connection with a restaurant brand that he likes. Competently creating a loyalty program, attracting franchisee partners to open new locations, can significantly expand the business horizons and financial capabilities of your company. There are a large number of franchises on the market, without a competent study of the brand, it will be difficult to understand the success of the project in your city. We provide additional assistance and a guarantee of the profitability of your establishment!

Our turnkey solutions  

We create a turnkey mono-format project. Open a restaurant. Provide management of a network of establishments and a guaranteed profitability of 45% per annum


Turnkey coffee shop

Turnkey burger joint

Turnkey sushi-bar

Turnkey Hookah lounge

Turnkey cocktail bar

Turnkey nightclub



Sustained improvement and strengthening of the position of your business is critical to its success and stability.

“Analysis is the critical starting point for strategic thinking.”