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Nightclub franchise

Partnering with popular nightclubs can significantly reduce risks. Consolidation of financial, technical and intellectual resources provides an increase in market share and expands the target audience. Proriat Franchise Development, will build mutually beneficial collaboration with existing projects to open a new nightclub in your city and make it the number one place for the maximum number of guests!

Rent or purchase of a ready-made business

To find a profitable offer on the commercial real estate market, it is necessary to conduct regular monitoring and analysis. Many brands choose not to advertise their desire to sell a business. The regular collection of all proposals for Ukrainian market makes us a valuable resource that you get by working with us.

Turnkey nightclub Solutions. Franchise Opportunities. Business for sale is a hot topic, desire or even a dream of many entrepreneurs. Nightclubs have always been, are and remain, something special that sets them apart from restaurants, bars and coffee houses. What is the most important thing in a successful club? Location, light, music, bar and a talented team. If the work of the establishment is fine-tuned, the correct marketing strategy is chosen, a strong team is formed, then a night project can be a fairly profitable business, working only 2-3 times a week.

Why us?

Proriat Hospitality Partners are professionals with years of experience in bars and nightclubs. We are united by love for what We do and give ourselves one hundred percent. We know what entertainment is and how to work with it. Likewise, we create unforgettable events that our guests remember for a long time. We organize the best parties where, often, have to say, sorry, but the club fully occupied. Thanks to the efficient management of all events, we can confidently guarantee the profitability of our work. Work for the result, our main rule of cooperation. Only joint investment in a new project can guarantee maximum motivation to achieve the desire financial results. We will launch a nightclub and form a star team, with which we will lead the project to success!

открыть ночной клуб

Designers and Architects

When opening a turnkey night club, we evaluate all elements of a business plan: budget, concept, premises, interior, marketing, management and recruitment.

Designer: Prospect Design International

Designer: Tuna Tuysuz

Designer: D.T. Practice

Designer: Rabih Geha Architects

Designer: Blackmilk Interior Design

Stages of opening a nightclub

What do we do for you when we open a turnkey night club?



Local market study. Property search Assistance/Evaluation. Lease or buy negotiation
Business Planning

Business Planning

Concept development. Interior Design & Brand Identity


Accurate monitoring, check the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project


The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate
Restaurant Opening

Restaurant Opening

Grand opening, Event and promotion management. Sales & marketing strategy implementation.
food & beverage Cost0%
Labor Cost0%
Net Profit0%

Average revenue


Investment +/- ($/m²)

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Commercial Real Estate

We will select the best location for the nightclub. 

Proriat Real Estate – want to open your first nightclub? Or do you already have establishments, but interested in a new concept? Then, our experts can offer you a rental or purchase of a ready-made business. We also have a large number of objects at our disposal, where with a small investment it is possible to implement a project of a nightclub. We are a full cycle design agency, we open and operate hotels, restaurants, and clubs.

Franchise catalog

Would you like to buy a franchise and start working with a successful brand? 

Proriat Franchise Development – don’t want to start a nightclub from scratch? Partnering with renowned clubs and leasing intellectual property may be the best investment option. We conduct a detailed analysis of the potential collaboration, advantages and disadvantages, in order to assess the entire prospect of a return on investment in a turnkey solution. Our experts will ensure that your corporate goals are met.

Our business solutions  

We’re developing a turnkey mono-format project. Opening a restaurant. Providing project management and guaranteed ROI of 45% annually


Turnkey Pizza Restaurant

Turnkey Burger Restaurant

Turnkey Sushi Restaurant

Turnkey Hookah Lounge

Turnkey Cocktail Bar

Turnkey Coffee Shop

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