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Hotel Management or pre-opening and opening services – multifunctional task, in which specialists from many fields are involved. The main advantages of the hotel business in Ukraine, can be highlighted, are long-term profitability of a hospitality asset and the ability to delegate the management of the hotel to a hotel operator. With a hotel operator in Ukraine, you get a hospitality management solution and continuing hotel business development. 


• Our team will ensure in smooth hotel opening in Ukraine from site selection to first room bookings with long-term and efficient restaurant & hotel management.
• With us, you can buy a hotel in Ukraine or invest in hospitality business, find a buyer for your hotel property.
• Partnering with local and international hotel brands can be a winning solution for your project. Will make sure that your hotel will be able to generate the maximum profit through selected the right hotel brand and providing management of the property.


Proriat team is your reliable partner in opening hotel in Ukraine. Providing hotel management solution, we also cover restaurant consulting and F&B concept development services. Our hospitality experts in Ukraine understand the local market well. Therefore, buying a hotel in Ukraine or selling your hospitality property will be an easy deal for you.

Stages of opening the hotel in Ukraine

When opening a hotel or a restaurant, we create and evaluate all elements of the business plan: budget, concept, real estate, interior, marketing, management and hospitality team

Business plan

Creating a business plan for opening a hotel is the first and most important stage in the implementation of the project. In such a document, we present the financial model and the main concept of the hotel. The hotel business plan helps to follow the sequence of actions in starting a hotel business. With its help, we can understand any investment risks and expected profit.

Market analysis

By studying of the local, regional and global hotel market, we can understand the relevance and prospects of the project as accurately as possible. Opening a new hotel, the company faces a lot of competition. Analysis of the hotel market in Ukraine helps to develop a unique and effective strategy for the development of the hotel business.

Hotel concept

When opening and providing hotel management solutions in Ukraine, we understand that the right hotel concept will help you stand out from the competition and attract the maximum number of target customers. The hotel concept includes:

  • Hotel category: 3*,4*,5* stars
  • Brand
  • Architecture & Design
  • Hospitality Services
  • Targeted customers
  • Marketing strategy

Financial model

The goal of the hotel business is to generate the maximum profit using the minimum amount of resources. A financial plan helps to determine the break-even point and see the payback period of investments. In this way, you can determine the efficiency of the hotel operation or the feasibility of investing in hotel real estate.


Effective hotel management is a guarantee of the smooth operation of the hospitality enterprise and ensuring the targeted income. Hospitality Management is a key function in the hotel and food & beverage industry that making sure of business success. Thus, an effective work provides sale budget achievements and as a result, the positive return on investments.

How to Start a Hotel Business

Hotel Pre-opening & Opening Management



Market research. Site or property selection. Expert analysis
Business planning

Business planning

Concept development. Interior Design. Creating a corporate identity
Construction & Repair

Construction & Repair

Monitoring and coordination of work. Quality checking.


The process of finding and hiring employees. Team building
Hotel opening

Hotel opening

Official opening: Event-management. Hotel & Restaurant Management
Profit Margin0%
Cost of Good Sold0%
Labor cost0%
Net Profit0%

Average income


Investment +/- ($/m²)

For more information on the pre-opening and hotel management, please contact us: Tel. +380970505254 (Viber, WhatsApp) 

Hotel and Restaurant Real Estate

We will select the best location for the construction and opening of the hotel. 

Proriat Real Estate – helping investors to buy hotels or business in Ukraine. Our agency has an extensive database of hotel & hospitality real estate. Ukrainian hotel real estate brokers will select or find the best hotel & restaurant investment opportunities. And also, they will help you quickly sell or rent out your hotel and hospitality business. Since, you find us, you do not need to think about how to start a hotel business in Ukraine. And even more so, look for a hotel management company. Leave a request and we will contact you shortly!

Franchise Directory

Are looking for a hotel operator or management company in Ukraine to start working with? 

Proriat Franchise Development – involving a well-known hotel operator and hospitality management company in your hotel project can be a win-win solution. If you decide to open a hotel in Ukraine, under such international brands as Hilton, Marriott, Accor, then we suggest you to visit our directory of hotel operators. You will have to make, not an easy decision. Should I: Buy a hotel franchise? Sign a hotel management contact with a managing company? Independently manage, control and develop the hotel business? Hire a hotel general manager and build a winning hospitality team. How to find hotel investors and real estate partners, in Ukraine? Send us an email and we’ll assist you!

Our business solutions  

We will develop a hospitality project and start a hotel for you. Providing restaurant and hotel management at targeted profitability from 45% per annum


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