How to Open a Nightclub. Buying a Franchise vs Turnkey Solution

открыть ночной клуб под клуюч

How to Open a Nightclub. Buying a Franchise vs Turnkey Solution


Thinking about opening a nightclub? How to open a nightclub on your own? Let’s take a look at the following points: buying a franchise, a ready-made business, and opening a turnkey establishment.

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открыть ночной клуб под клуючOpening a nightclub on our own, where to start?


A nightclub is a demanded and profitable type of business. For many years, entertainment venues have not lost their popularity. A feature of this demand is that the nightclub has not only fun pastimes and dancing but also concerts of visiting stars and DJs. What is the reason for the popularity of the business? What are the features of the opening? Let’s find out in our article.

Nightclub Concept


In the opening of the club, the key moment is precisely the idea, the concept. Try to formulate the idea of ​​the establishment, format, system of work, ideology, and niche in the market. You must clearly understand the uniqueness of the establishment and the advantage over the rest. The club business, as, indeed, any startup, quickly discards newcomers who want to repeat any established scheme.

Let’s say you’ve created a unique concept and want to share it. How can this be done effectively? A comprehensive marketing strategy will help with this.

Maintaining social networks is a leading role in promoting the project. It is important to conduct Facebook, Instagram regularly, connecting targeted advertising. This way, your target audience will learn about the discovery, program, and unique offers.

The interior design of a nightclub depends on two components: technical and creative. The first is responsible for the sound quality, the degree of lighting in the room and the second comes from: the concept that you adhere to, the implementation of the design, and maintaining the public’s interest in the institution. If the club is focused on concerts, pay special attention to zoning and stage design. If for a dance component, then try to decorate the dance floor as brightly as possible.

Search for a nightclub premise


The demand for an entertainment establishment depends on the choice of premises. When choosing a room for a nightclub, one should take into account: traffic availability, convenient location, proximity to public transport. It is desirable that this be the center of the city, where life is in full swing on a regular basis. The optimal total area of ​​the club is at least 300 sq. m. It is problematic for a novice entrepreneur to rent such a room. It is possible to save on rent by choosing a semi-basement room. When choosing a room, the state of all communications remains the main one – it must be at a decent level.

открыть ночной клуб под клуючUnfortunately, the landlord won’t wait for your branding and concept creation. Remember, you need to choose a room with a ready-made concept because you must clearly imagine your own establishment.

You can find a suitable room on the OLX website, however, be careful, take into account the possible risks. If you find a room without a commission, do not rush to rejoice, because perhaps the amount of commission is already included in the rental price.

You can view the catalog of verified premises and choose the most appropriate option on the 👉 Proriat Real Estate website

Renovation work


Before tackling the interior of the club, a number of repairs should be performed: the zoning of the premises, the location of communications, and exhaust ducts. It is advisable to find a proven contractor because they play an essential role in opening an establishment. The contractors assemble the technical and stylistic parts of the interior in a comprehensive manner.

It is important to select furniture in accordance with the chosen style of the club. Below is a general list of equipment and furniture for equipping a nightclub:

  • Comfortable tables, chairs
  • Sound equipment (mixing console, speakers, amplifiers)
  • Lighting equipment (light lasers, spotlights)
  • Bar chairs
  • VIP sofas
  • Shelves for alcoholic beverages and a bar

Taking care of the safety of your visitors, you care about your own reputation. Install a high-quality security system in your club: video surveillance cameras, a control panel with 24-hour recording monitors, an alarm system. It is advisable to conclude an agreement with the private security service and install a panic button.

Quite often, due to lack of time, a novice entrepreneur cannot control repair work, and this results in a significant loss of funds. There are many companies on the Internet that provide control of repair work.

Thus, Proriat Hospitality Partners will help in the control of repairs, in their high-quality performance, and also guarantee cost savings of up to 25%.

Hospitality & Nightclub team 


открыть ночной клубIt should be clearly understood that a nightclub will need a lot of staff. The main ones are the administrator, promoter, art manager. They are the ones who choose the vector of the club’s development. It is also necessary to hire two bartenders, a talented DJ, and several service staff – a cloakroom attendant, a janitor, and a janitor.

As stated earlier, do not neglect the safety of your visitors. Be careful when hiring guards, because they must be proficient in hand-to-hand combat and have an impressive appearance for the safety and comfort of visitors.

Maintain a friendly atmosphere in the team, encourage each employee in every possible way. From the receptionist to a janitor, everyone should be motivated and comfortable. As an entrepreneur, your concern is to ensure the cohesion of your employees and the absence of empty competition.

Nightclub Launch phase


  • The concept is created, the renovation is completed, and the staff is recruited? So, you can start working in the mode of training and debugging processes. This will help you predict possible difficulties and shortcomings. This can take anywhere from two weeks to a month.
  • A number of financial aspects should be taken into account: organization of events and concerts, paid entrance, kitchen, bar.
  • The optimal payback period for a nightclub is from 1 to 2 years.
  • The average cost of a ticket to enter the club is $ 3- $ 4 for a small town, and from $ 5 for a large one.
  • Extra charge for drinks – from 200% and more.
  • The truth that a budding entrepreneur needs to understand: do not to copy the development strategy and concept of an entertainment establishment from other cities or countries. Find out who your target audience is and bring flavor to your establishment.

Night club turn-key solution


When choosing a vector for business development, a novice entrepreneur should pay attention to the acquisition of a turnkey business. On the Internet, you can find many companies that specialize in starting a turnkey business, but this business should be entrusted to professionals. So, we offer our terms of cooperation with guarantees of profitability and providing 👉 nightclub turn-key solutions.

Buying a nightclub franchise


открыть ночной клуб под ключAn alternative option is also to purchase a franchise. This frees the aspiring entrepreneur from developing marketing strategies and branding. You get a ready-made market analysis, business strategy. However, do not forget about the specifics of the franchise market. You can view the current catalog of demanded franchises on the 👉 Proriat Franchise Development website




A nightclub is a relevant and profitable business with a number of features that must be taken into account. It is possible to open a nightclub on your own, but it is quite laborious. You can turn to specialists who will speed up the opening of your business, as well as help to avoid a significant loss of funds. This is a place where you can embody creative ideas and, moreover, profit from it. Take action!

Contact us to select the current franchise, assess the location, and get a free consultation.

We are waiting for your call and look forward to working on a new nightclub project.