Restaurant Consulting in Ukraine. How hospitality expert can help you?

ресторанный консалтинг

Restaurant Consulting in Ukraine. How hospitality expert can help you?


Restaurant consulting in Ukraine has been a popular service in the hotel and restaurant industry for many years. Regardless of whether you are an experienced restaurateur or a large restaurant holding, an international franchise brand or a newcomer to the restaurant business who is just thinking about opening his first restaurant. The service of hospitality consulting with the help of restaurant and hotel experts can cover most of the complex aspects of the business, for which there is simply not enough time, staff or lack of knowledge.


In this article, we will reveal the benefits of working with a restaurant consultant in Ukraine and the areas that restaurant business consultants are usually covering.


What is restaurant consulting?


Restaurant Consulting (from Ukrainian – Ресторанний Консалтінг) is a comprehensive service in opening a new restaurant or optimizing business processes in an existing restaurant enterprise to increase operating profit. Thanks to consulting, you will become the owner of a new restaurant or get solutions to maximize profits in your enterprise. A restaurant consultant specializes and is well versed in many areas of the restaurant business. Ranging from commercial real estate, engineering and interior design to finance, HR, marketing & sales, and franchise development. Hospitality Consulting in the restaurant industry also covers operations for the sale or purchase of a restaurant business. In addition, thanks to HoReCa consulting, you can profitably invest in restaurant real estate or rent an established business in Ukraine or abroad.


How does a restaurant consultant work in Ukraine?


In the opening of a new restaurant, a restaurant consultant can take over the implementation of the project from A to Z. Often, such a service is called: turnkey restaurant opening solutions. He will study the local market and analyze the competition in order to define the concept for your restaurant. The concept of the restaurant, together with the business plan, will include a description of all the features of the restaurant. Such as the name, target audience, cuisine format and level of service, unique product, marketing strategy, budget and return on investment calculations.


For existing restaurants, a frequent problem is the low workload of the restaurant, and as a result, a low level of operating profit. In this matter, the Ukrainian restaurant consulting service will help you find new opportunities to increase attendance and generate income. After a detailed analysis of the restaurant’s operations and marketing strategy, the business consultant will develop a clear action plan to bring the restaurant out of the crisis. Crisis management is also included in the competence of a hospitality business consultant, and, accordingly, is a part of restaurant consulting in Ukraine.


Where is the restaurant consulting service used?


The main place of work for restaurant consulting will be restaurants and catering establishments: burger joints, pizzerias, sushi bars, coffee houses, nightclubs, bars. HoReCa Consultant covers all operational and strategic activities of the company. This means that you can contact a company that provides hospitality consulting services, both at the stage of launching a restaurant and after your cafe has been operating for more than a year.


When is the best time to request hospitality solutions from a restaurant expert?


Many aspiring restaurateurs make mistakes when opening their first restaurant. Often, they neglect the opportunity to consult on all the intricacies of opening and operating a restaurant. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late to make any changes to the operation of the restaurant, if something did not go as planned. Therefore, the recommendation and advice will be an early appeal to a specialist in restaurant business at the initial stage of opening a restaurant in Ukraine. The same applies to a working restaurant, which for some reason has ceased to bring the desired profit. If the profitability of the restaurant has decreased to 10% per month, this is a signal to think about requesting restaurant consulting for your project.


How much does restaurant consulting cost in Ukraine?


The cost of restaurant consulting services can be formed based on many criteria. Three significant of which: the initial stage, in the form of a turnkey restaurant opening. Crisis management – cost optimization and profit increase in an existing restaurant. 👉 Restaurant management – the transfer of the restaurant to the management of a consulting company for a percentage of turnover. In addition to the latter, the cost of consulting can be in the form of a fixed payment, or a percentage, which is calculated individually.


Why do you need restaurant consulting in Ukraine?


The restaurant business market in Ukraine is actively developing, which means that new restaurants are regularly opened. Accordingly, the demand for high-quality and professional hospitality & restaurant consulting services is increasing. A Restaurant Business Consultant will ensure the successful opening of a restaurant in Ukraine. This will save you a lot of time and money. A restaurant expert will not only ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant, but also prevent a decrease in attendance or revenue in the restaurant. If you have doubts about whether you need HoReCa consulting for your project, write to us and our manager will provide you with more information.


Why do you need a restaurant business expert?


Restaurant consulting is not only a turnkey restaurant opening solution in Ukraine, but also management and development of a restaurant enterprise. Many restaurant owners face a challenge when they want to sell their restaurant or buy property for a second restaurant project. Therefore, an expert in the restaurant business will help at all stages of a transaction for the sale of a restaurant or the purchase of premises for catering. Today, in Ukraine, there are only a few companies that provide comprehensive services in the restaurant and commercial real estate market. If you want to know how Proriat Real Estate works in this segment, you can find it on the page: 👉 catalog for hotel and restaurant real estate in Ukraine.


Also, the service of a restaurant consultant can be used by chain restaurants that want to start developing their restaurant brand through a franchising system. Packing a franchise offer is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. And complex marketing support and attraction of potential partners/franchisees requires the creation of an entire full-time marketing and sales department. Therefore, for those who want to quickly create and actively develop their franchise, Proriat Franchise Development and 👉 Franchise Catalog №1 in Ukraine were created.


If you are planning to open a restaurant in Ukraine or your existing restaurant has stopped generating the desired income, we can offer our services to find a solution that is beneficial for you.


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