Opening a restaurant in Ukraine with a profit of $5,000 to $10,000 in 2023

Відкриття ресторану з нуля з прибутком від $5000 до $10000 у 2023 році

Opening a restaurant in Ukraine with a profit of $5,000 to $10,000 in 2023



This voluminous article will talk about the stages and options for opening a restaurant in Ukraine in different formats: Burger joint, Pizzeria, Sushi bar, Coffee house, Beer brewery, Cocktail bar, Hookah bar, Night club.


Of course, we cannot describe all the stages, subtleties and pitfalls of each restaurant concept. This is basic information that will help you determine for yourself the need to attract specialists to start a restaurant in Ukraine for you, or to deal with all the hospitality business processes yourself.


Opening a restaurant in Ukraine may seem like a no-brainer for a business-minded person. Visiting the best restaurants in your city and watching how they’re operating, you might think that this is a simple enterprise in terms of organizational processes. To open a restaurant from scratch that can bring in $10,000 or more per month, capital or an idea alone will not be enough.


If you are interested in the restaurant theme, and you have decided to open your first restaurant in Ukraine in 2023, then this information is for you. We will try to help you define the concept of the restaurant that will best suit your target audience of the city and the location of the restaurant itself.


Restaurant business during the war in Ukraine


On February 24, 2022, the lives of many restaurateurs changed dramatically due to the war that Russia started. Most of the restaurants had to close, and those that were able to open their doors to a greater extent helped as volunteers and fed those in need. However, the restaurant business in Ukraine has begun to adapt to new challenges and is gradually continuing to develop. Today, it is difficult to give exact numbers of closed and opened restaurants in 2022. But, Proriat Hospitality Partners regularly analyzes the hotel and restaurant market in Ukraine and can help determine the potential of your restaurant project.


What is the best restaurant concept to open in 2023?


We have identified the top popular concepts and formats of restaurants that are opened by Ukrainian restaurateurs and entrepreneurs. On average, we consider investments in the restaurant business at the level of $1000 per m2. Further, in this article on the topic: opening a restaurant from scratch with a profit from $5,000 to $10,000, we will try to reveal the intricacies of the vision of the restaurant business in Ukraine for each format of a catering establishment.


  • High-end restaurant
  • Burger joint
  • Pizzeria
  • Sushi bar
  • Coffee shop
  • bakery
  • Cocktail bar
  • The pub
  • Nightclub


Should you open a restaurant in Ukraine in 2023?


Many aspiring restaurateurs are asking the same question, is it worth opening a cafe during the war in Ukraine in 2023? And yes, this is a rather difficult question, even for hospitality experts in the restaurant business. But, we can say with certainty that now there are some positive factors for opening your first restaurant.


  1. Low rental rate for renting premises for catering
  2. Available restaurant places with advantageous location
  3. Sale and rental of established restaurant opportunities
  4. Low level of competition in certain concepts
  5. Inexpensive labor
  6. Opportunities to profitably buy a franchise of popular restaurant brands


If you are thinking about opening a restaurant in Ukraine, then first you need to analyze your financial capabilities and determine the desired income. At the first stage, you should have an understanding of who you will implement the restaurant project with. Since, often a restaurant is a team work, where each of the partners makes his contribution to the development of the concept. Someone may have the financial capital, and someone will develop a unique concept for the restaurant, while the other will provide comprehensive management of the restaurant. Thanks to the common work, a result will be achieved that will satisfy the needs of each team member.


управление ресторанаOpening a fine dining restaurant in Ukraine


There are fine dining restaurants in every city in Ukraine. These are establishments that are designed for gourmet cuisine and high-level service. Target audience: wealthy clients. The average check can easily start at $100 and reach a monthly turnover of up to $100,000.


One of the big disadvantages of the fine dining concept is that they are the most sensitive to any crises in the country. Also, opening a high-end restaurant requires significantly more capital than a mid-range cafe.


Cons of opening a fine dining restaurant


  • High budget for opening a restaurant in Ukraine
  • City center location requirements
  • High rental rate for catering premises
  • High expectations for interior design
  • The need to equip the kitchen / bar with expensive equipment
  • Difficulties in recruiting staff with the necessary skills
  • Heightened sensitivity to crises
  • Possible difficulties in managing a restaurant
  • Return on investment can take longer


Pros of opening a fine dining restaurant


  • High-end restaurant owner status
  • Wealthy customers
  • High margin
  • The ability of the restaurant to generate high turnover Restaurant profitability
  • The desire of staff to work in a fine dining restaurant


From the pros and cons, you can see that opening a fine dining restaurant is a rather risky decision. But, when your personal status requires the implementation of such a concept, then it is worth planning and calculating everything correctly so that the project becomes not only a prestigious, but also a profitable asset in your portfolio. Proriat Hospitality Partners will be able to implement a turnkey fine dining restaurant project in Ukraine. Leave a request or write to us to get more information about the restaurant concepts that we can implement for you.


Opening a burger restaurant from scratch in Ukraine


There are two options to consider when opening a restaurant that specializes in burgers. First, open a burger joint on your own. The second is to attract a management company that specializes in opening and managing restaurants. Also, we have already written about other subtleties and options for opening a burger cafe in our blog. For example, buying an established business or franchise. Read this article about opening a restaurant from scratch: 👉 How to open a burger joint? Buying a franchise vs Turnkey restaurant?


Opening a burger joint on your own is often accompanied by multiple miscalculations and mistakes (fails). How do entrepreneurs go wrong when they open a café on their own?


  1. Location: incorrect location of the restaurant. Too expensive rent or not enough people traffic for a burger place.
  2. Concept: an incorrectly defined concept of a burger joint, taking into account the target audience and location of the restaurant.
  3. Business plan: an insufficiently detailed plan for the implementation of the project or its complete absence.
  4. Finance: The underestimated cost of starting a burger joint from scratch
  5. Team and staff: lack of partners in the project and unprofessional restaurant management


Opening a burger joint from scratch on a turnkey basis. If you are just starting to understand the restaurant industry, but already want to open a restaurant, then a comprehensive service for opening restaurants from Proriat, something that you might be you will be interested. What is the advantage of hiring a restaurant company to implement the burger restaurant concept?

First of all, the company takes all responsibility for the opening and management of the restaurant. This guarantees the expected return on investment. More details about the stages 👉 burger restaurant turnkey solution in Ukraine


How much money do you need to open a burger joint?


If we want to open a hospitality institution that can attract guests by not only delicious burgers, but also please with its exclusive interior. Located in the central part of the city and have 75 – 100 minimum number of seats. Then you need to count on investments of $ 100,000 – $ 250,000. The average payback of which is 2 – 2.5 years, taking into account the successfully implemented concept and effective restaurant management.


открыть пиццерию под ключOpening a pizzeria in Ukraine


The opening of pizzerias in Ukraine confidently ranks second or third in the share of all implemented restaurant concepts in 2022. Today, it has become popular to open pizzerias in crowded places. Also, international franchise pizza brands are actively making this format popular among a large number of consumers. If you are interested in learning more about the stages of opening a pizzeria, then we already wrote about this in our previous article on the topic: 👉 how to open a pizzeria.


In the following articles, we will write about creating a pizzeria business plan. It will include all the ins and outs of opening a restaurant from scratch for beginners, a financial model and a ROI calculation.


We definitely recommend that you consider opening a pizzeria in your city. Depending on the competition and the relevance of this format, it will be possible to make a detailed calculation of the restaurant’s business model. The popularity of pizza has shown that this restaurant format will be in demand in 2023. We recommend taking a look at our business solution – opening a restaurant in Ukraine: 👉 turnkey pizzeria, buying a franchise or a established restaurant.


How much money does it take to open a pizzeria


Opening a restaurant from scratch in Ukraine is quite an expensive process. Although, a pizzeria does not require an exquisite design and a large set of technological equipment. However, building a strong brand, marketing, advertising, leasing the premise, and renovations can hit the restaurant budget pretty hard. If you want to attract a professional team to open a pizzeria that can be easily scaled up, you need to look for investments from $100,000 to open a flagship pizzeria restaurant. ROI 1-2.5 years.


How much do pizzerias make, is it profitable to open a pizzeria?


In order for the pizzeria to start bringing in the expected income of $5,000 per month, you will have to work dedicated and hard. There is no need to expect that by opening a pizzeria somewhere on the outskirts of the city, then customers from the center will come to you. Such a scenario is possible if you develop a truly Italian town where customers will come not only to eat the best pizza in town, but also to experience all the Italian traditions. If you want to play big and expect a profit of $10,000, then before opening a pizzeria, you will need to think about creating a franchise or developing a restaurant through an affiliate system. In such cases, your pizzeria brand will be one of the key points in the restaurant business plan. For example, you can study successful pizzeria franchises in order to develop your product and determine a development strategy. 👉 franchise directory


Opening a sushi bar in Ukraine


Japanese cuisine is another leader among the best restaurant formats in popularity among customers around the world. In general, it is not necessary to have experience in the restaurant industry to open a successful sushi bar from scratch on your own. But this is more likely to be an exception than a real fact. Since this is a restaurant business, and experienced business owners understand that in order for the enterprise to be profitable, you need to understand the intricacies of your business. What format of a sushi restaurant to open to earn $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 per month. Today, there are three formats of sushi bars where you can earn such amounts.


  • Fine dining Japanese restaurant
  • Sushi restaurants franchising
  • Dark kitchen from 5 locations


We have already talked about 👉 how to open a sushi bar from scratch and what is better, buy a franchise or open a turnkey restaurant in our previous article. This will help you in creating your business plan for starting a restaurant in Ukraine.

In our next article, we’ll look at the benefits and differences of opening a Japanese restaurant, sushi bar, and dark kitchen.


How much can you earn at a sushi restaurant in Ukraine  


Often, newcomers believe that by opening a small sushi bar with the help of a consulting agency, they will make a profit of $3,000 per month. Unfortunately, as practice shows, everything can be much more complicated even with the service of opening a turnkey sushi restaurant. If you want to win the attention of a large number of customers, then it will not be enough just to open a cafe where they prepare sushi. Here you will need to think over all the conceptual features of an institution that will be able to generate a turnover of $100,000 per month. Thus, you need to count on the scale of the sushi bar project. Often, you need to open two or more restaurants in the same city to win the entire market share in this segment. In any case, your business plan for a sushi restaurant or sushi bar should contain all the data about the prospects for the development of the restaurant. If you are not ready to deal with the most difficult stage in opening a restaurant, then you can familiarize yourself with our service: 👉 open a turnkey sushi bar. Buying a franchise or opening a turnkey restaurant?


Starting a Restaurant in Ukraine: Sushi Bar Business Plan


If you decide to open a sushi restaurant from scratch on your own, then pay attention to the following important points in your restaurant business plan:


  1. Location. The location of your future restaurant is an important element that will ensure the generation of the required number of customers. You need to clearly segment the target audience where you open a restaurant.
  2. The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. Assign a chef to handle the project, from menu development to culinary team building and kitchen management.
  3. Interior design helps to highlight your uniqueness and make the restaurant stand out from the competition. The atmosphere of a restaurant is an important element in the success of the restaurant business today.
  4. Investments in opening a restaurant should be calculated and controlled. Rent, repair, furniture and equipment, only starting investments in opening a sushi bar. Remember that you need to have a financial reserve to cover operating expenses in the first 4-6 months.
  5. Management is a guarantee of the smooth operation of the restaurant and the profitability of the restaurant. Form a team you can trust. Your staff is a reflection of your attitude to the restaurant business.

If you stick to your cafe business plan, then you will definitely succeed in opening a restaurant business in Ukraine. For additional questions, you can always write to us on social networks or instant messengers.


открытие кофейни под ключOpening a coffee shop in Ukraine


A coffee legend and the top wish of many Ukrainians who decide to start a restaurant business in Ukraine. Opening a coffee shop from scratch in 2023 can be done by anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset. To do this, you can find a lot of information on the Internet and even ready business plans for coffee houses. We did not lag behind and even wrote a short article about, 👉 how to open a coffee shop from scratch.  Also, there you can learn about alternative solutions, such as buying an established business or looking into franchise opportunities.


Independently or with the help of a consulting company, opening a restaurant in Ukraine from scratch is accompanied by the main question, what restaurant concept to open. And often at this stage you can become in a stupor. What is better to open a burger joint or pizzeria, a coffee shop or a sushi bar? Many people are under the misconception that opening a coffee shop can be easier and cheaper compared to other types of establishments. Of course, if you want to open a cafe somewhere in the passage and stand behind the counter yourself, this may be a more profitable solution for you. But we, as a company, look at the coffee business like Starbucks. We consider implementing a large-scale project that we will be able to develop through a franchising system. Therefore, we recommend you to create a coffee house from scratch, focusing on global brands.


If you can’t start creating Starbucks-level ideas yet, but you have the desire and sufficient financial resources, then take a look at our page, 👉 service for opening a coffee shop from scratch on a turnkey basis. Send us a request and our manager will contact you shortly.


How much money is needed to open a coffee shop from scratch in Ukraine?


Today, consulting agencies and independent business consultants offer a turnkey coffee shop opening service from $5,000 to $250,000. Our company only works with a second budget, as we create a project from brand development and turnkey coffee shop launch to hospitality company management and franchise network development. Also, we are considering the possibility of joint venture or attracting investors.


How much do coffee shops make in Ukraine?


In second place in opening a coffee shop, there is always the question of the return on investment in the coffee business. And there can be many factors that will affect the bottom line of your coffee shop. We recommend focusing on the possible turnover in the coffee shop, and it is associated with the area of ​​the coffee shop itself and its location. If the coffee shop is located in the mall and has an area of ​​1000 m2, then it can accommodate up to 500 customers at the same time. With an average check of $3, we can receive up to $5,000 – $7,000 per day, which is up to $200,000 per month. With a profit margin of 20% – 30%, we will receive from $40,000 to $60,000 in net profit per month. These are already quite interesting figures, although they are taken for demonstration purposes.


Open a self-service coffee shop


In Ukraine, opening a self-service coffee shop is rapidly gaining popularity. This format of mini-coffee houses has already been implemented in many cities. One of the advantages can be called an affordable price for starting your own business and the absence of hired staff if you have one or two coffee shops. Starting a vending machine business can be easier and buy a self-service coffee shop franchise. Is it worth opening a self-service coffee shop in Ukraine? If your budget is limited to $5000, then this option will be perfect for you. Today, we do not consider the provision of services in opening a turnkey self-service coffee shop, except for the creation of a company for the sale of a ready business, those very self-service coffee shops.


бизнес план бургерной 1Opening a bakery in Ukraine


Opening a bakery from scratch in Ukraine is no less attractive business solution than a coffee shop. Fresh pastries and cakes, something without which a cup of aromatic coffee cannot be accompanied. Many chain bakeries offer baked goods that have been frozen. Thus, if you have a desire to devote yourself to the production of bread and bakery products, then it makes sense to create your own chain bakery brand. Many bakery franchises were founded by enthusiasts who, after opening several locations, realized that it was possible to grow a business through franchising.


The main stages of opening a bakery from scratch


  1. Baking recipes. You should have your own pastry recipes that you can surprise your customers with. The success of your bakery will depend on the quality and variety of pastries.
  2. Location. Take care of the good location of the bakery. It should be a crowded and easily accessible room with large facade windows. The minimum area for a flagship bakery can be considered from 250 m2.
  3. Developing a bakery concept is an important step in opening a restaurant from scratch. The concept of a bakery should include all the features of your establishment. From interior design to package branding and service features in your bakery.
  4. The team is the key to the friendly and efficient work of your bakery. Try to form your team even before the bakery opens. You will need an experienced HR manager to gather the right people for your project.


You can expand the number of main stages of opening a bakery-coffee shop, but you have chosen the main ones that you should pay special attention to.


Should You Buy a Bakery Franchise?


Today, many franchised bakeries offer their turnkey business solution, taking into account the supply of their products. Thus, they can offer quite favorable conditions, such as the absence of a lump-sum fee or royalties. We recommend visiting our 👉 franchise cataloge in ukraine, to learn more about popular franchises.


кальянная под ключ дрепрOpening a hookah bar in Ukraine


Until 2022, there was an active trend in the opening of hookahs in Ukraine. Contrary to the bans on smoking in public places, a hookah bar was opened on a turnkey basis, both by consulting agencies and entrepreneurs on their own or by buying a franchise. Opening a hookah bar does not require large investments for the equipment of the premises. In most cases, you can get by with minimal repairs and the purchase of new furniture. Important elements in opening a hookah will be the hookahs themselves and the qualities of tobacco with the skill of the hookah man.


Required investments in opening a hookah bar in Ukraine will be up to $100,000 for a room of 250 m2. How much can you earn on a hookah bar? Today, in hookah establishments, this is a profitability of sales at the level of 30% with an average turnover of $60,000 in hookah establishments, which are in the top 5 establishments of the city.


If you want to learn more about the stages of opening a hookah from scratch, then read the article: 👉 How to open a hookah bar? Turnkey Restaurant solutions or Buying a Franchise?


Is it worth opening a hookah bar in Ukraine in 2023, laws on smoking in public places have been significantly tightened. Thus, starting a business from scratch can be quite a risky idea. For up-to-date information about opening a hookah bar in Ukraine, leave a request on our services page: 👉 “Turnkey” Hookah bar solution. Franchise opportunities. Ready hookah bar for sale and rent


открыть бар с нуляOpening a cocktail bar in Ukraine


In the category of opening a restaurant in Ukraine on a turnkey basis, you may also encounter the bar format of the institution. Cocktail bars mainly specialize in mixing drinks and creating cocktails. The main advantage of bars, as well as coffee houses, will be negligible operating costs compared to a premium restaurant. Since you do not need to equip the kitchen with expensive equipment or hire highly paid staff. For example, often in the case of premium restaurants, it is necessary to bring chefs from Italy or France.


How to open a bar yourself?


  1. If you are planning to open your first bar, then we recommend that you first create a cocktail bar concept project with detailed interior visualization.
  2. Then find a suitable location.
  3. Make inexpensive but practical repairs.
  4. At all these stages, a hospitality and bar expert should work with you, who will be able to evaluate this or that idea and determine the prospects of the location.
  5. Study the competitors.
  6. Find a popular DJ if there is a possibility of organizing parties.
  7. Hire staff: bartenders, waiters, cook, cashiers, accountant, security and other specialists.

This is just not a large list of the business plan that we usually use in opening turnkey bars and restaurants. Learn more about our service 👉 opening a cocktail bar, buying a franchise or established business на нашей странице.


Do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks so as not to miss our new articles about the hotel and restaurant business. If you are interested in the topic of opening bars, then read our previous article: 👉 How to open a cocktail bar. Buying Ready Business or Finding Franchise Opportunities.


Opening a brewery and pub in Ukraine


While opening a restaurant from scratch can be quite different from opening a brewery or pub, there will be similarities in many business processes. Beer is the honorary leader among popular drinks in the world and occupies, if not the first, then the second place in terms of sales. If you are seriously considering the beer industry as a business, then opening a brewery and a pub is something you might be interested in.


Should I open a brewery in 2023?


The opening of a brewery can be accompanied by significant capital investments due to expensive equipment and high technological requirements. Although the brewery can become quite a popular place, even outside the city, this beer business requires a preliminary analysis and study of all the pitfalls.


How much does it cost to open a brewery?


A medium-sized craft brewery can cost as much as $100,000, subject to ownership of a free-standing facility or a long-term lease of real estate for catering. We recommend considering opening a brewery and pub on your own premises or buying property for such purposes.


What is the profitability of the brewery and pub?


Calculating the profitability of a craft brewery and a pub is quite difficult. To do this, you need to understand how and in what volumes you will sell beer. If you get to the point where you can ship beer to every retail store or beer store in kegs, the net profit can easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars.


Phases of opening a brewery and a pub


On the market in Ukraine, you can find companies that sell equipment for breweries. They can also develop a complete turnkey craft brewery project for you. Just keep in mind that they are selling equipment, not opening a turnkey brewery and do not guarantee efficient management with the expected profitability. If you yourself decided to open a brewery from scratch, then at least use the services of creating a business plan for a restaurant and a brewery. Find an experienced brewer and project manager who will greatly assist you in the initial stages of opening a brewery in Ukraine.


открыть ночной клуб под клуючOpening a nightclub in Ukraine


More recently, every modern entrepreneur would like to open a nightclub. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic, the war with Russia, restrictions on nightclubs, rolling blackouts, curfews, destruction – a crisis that has hit nightclubs in Ukraine significantly hard. Therefore, we recommend not investing in opening a nightclub in 2023. We believe that as soon as the situation improves in Ukraine, there will be a boom in the opening of nightclubs throughout the country. That’s when it will be necessary to actively develop the concept of a nightclub.


If you’re interested in knowing 👉 opening a nightclub “Turnkey”. Buying Franchise or business in Ukraine, you can go to our services and business solutions page.


Opening a nightclub and working in the entertainment industry is one of the most profitable niches in Ukraine. Therefore, it often becomes interesting to investors and businessmen. Opening a nightclub on your own from scratch requires preliminary and detailed business planning. In this matter, investment management companies often come to the rescue, which can provide both the creation of a turnkey nightclub concept and ensure its uninterrupted management. Such companies in most cases can claim a share in the business, thereby guaranteeing the expected profitability.

Read our previous article on the topic: 👉 How to open a nightclub


Commercial real estate for hotels & restaurants


Opening a restaurant in Ukraine from scratch will not do without renting or buying a restaurant space. This question remains relevant at any stage of the restaurant business. While someone is looking for the perfect location for their new restaurant, the other wants to sell their existing establishment as a ready-made turnkey business. In such operations with commercial real estate, a hotel and restaurant real estate broker is indispensable. Although there are hundreds of real estate agencies in Ukraine, only Proriat Real Estate provides comprehensive solutions for renting / selling, buying / renting hotel real estate and premises intended for the restaurant business.


Visit real estate cataloge: 👉 Rental and sale of real estate | Hotels & Restaurants


франшиза кофейниRestaurant franchise catalog


A good alternative to self-opening a restaurant in Ukraine from scratch or a turnkey cafe launch service can be buying a restaurant franchise. Today, it is possible to buy a franchise of almost any restaurant, even if it is not yet in the franchise directory. The only and difficult moment for an inexperienced restaurateur may not be the right choice of franchise. This happens in cases when, due to a lack of competence in this segment, an entrepreneur decides in favor of a brand that is not popular enough in Ukraine. Or believes in financial indicators that may be far from real. In any case, buying a restaurant franchise requires an expert approach.


Our franchising experts in Ukraine have been working in the restaurant franchise market for several years and help many aspiring restaurateurs save capital by choosing potentially profitable restaurant franchises. Also read about 👉 How not to make a mistake when choosing a franchise. Restaurant Secrets


franchise directory in Ukraine


To make it convenient for you to choose and buy a restaurant franchise, use the search below:



If you still have additional questions about opening a restaurant in Ukraine or you want to request a turnkey restaurant opening service in our company, then we will be happy to receive your inquiries from you to our email or any messenger convenient for you.


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