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How To Open a Burger Joint. Buying a Franchise vs Turnkey Restaurant


If you are looking for an answer to the question, which is more profitable? Open a burger place yourself? Or to attract a company that will help to implement a turnkey project? Buy a ready-made restaurant or a franchise? This article will provide answers to your questions.

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Proriat Hospitality Partners is a company specializing in real estate investments, opening and management of hotel & restaurant properties.

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Management: effective management and strategic development of the enterprise. We optimize costs, properly allocate resources and increase sales. We guarantee a cost reduction of -5%; an increase in sales by 10%. Return on investment 45% per annum.

Proriat Real Estate is your assistant in the commercial real estate market in the HoReCa segment. Own base of objects: we buy and rent restaurants at a profit.

Proriat Franchise Development – is responsible for scaling your brand.

Opening a burger on our own, where to start?


Opening a fast food restaurant is a relevant decision in an active, fast-paced life. In this market segment, the leading position is occupied by burgers, bringing profit to their owners and satisfying the taste preferences of customers. Opening your own burger requires clear and careful planning. A business model should be created and analyzed, from detailed market analysis to after-sales service.

Moving to phases of opening a burger restaurant:


Location for the Burger Joint


When looking for and selecting a suitable premise, it is necessary to take into account a number of features: the liveliness of the street, the number of guests who need to be accommodated, the number of staff. Particular attention should be paid to the organization of the technical part: utility room, toilet rooms, warehouse and dressing room. When you search, you can browse the premises on the OLX website, where a variety of premises are located in all corners of the city. However, it should be borne in mind that there are risks of bumping into unscrupulous tenants and agencies, which in turn will negatively affect the speed and quality of the project. So, on the website 👉  Proriat Real Estate you can browse the catalog of current checked objects, and choose the most suitable option safely and quickly.

Business planning


For a successful burger opening, you should carefully analyze the market, target audience and understand their preferences more clearly. Basically, connoisseurs of burgers and fast-food are students, young people and office workers who value their own time and value a quality product. Everyone loves burgers, because they are created for every taste of the client: from traditional products to more unique and sophisticated ones.

How do you attract your target audience? Comprehensive marketing strategy: active social media, promotions, seasonal offers. It should be noted that it is not enough to attract the target audience, it is important to keep them, maintaining a consistently high quality of burgers.

As for the interior of the burger shop, the interior decoration of the hall should create a feeling of comfort and coziness. It is important to create a design taking into account the high average daily traffic and mass demand. It is also necessary to understand that the optimal turnover of the hall is one of the necessary conditions for the profitability of the enterprise.

Mandatory design solutions for a business project: good lighting and bright, colorful colors, because they awaken the appetite.

Clients appreciate the originality and practicality in the design of the premises, but there is also something that remains unchanged – the minimum number of decorative elements, rhythmic electronic music, and high bar tables. You can safely implement these elements without forgetting about the chosen concept of the burger.

Renovation work


To comply with sanitary standards and comply with all rules, it is more advisable to order a project from a contractor who specializes specifically in restaurant premises. It is quite possible to decide the main decisions on design, choice of style, arrangement of tables on your own. Regarding exhaust ducts, kitchen equipment, location of communications, this issue must be entrusted to a restaurant production technologist. Contractors carry out a significant and responsible part of the work in the opening of an enterprise.

You can find contractors in architectural bureaus or in companies that trade and rent professional equipment, because the performance of the kitchen and the quality of your product will directly depend on them.

The primary element of successful completion of work is a contract with clearly defined working conditions. The customer can safely monitor compliance with the working conditions in accordance with the tasks specified in the contract. Financial relations should be monitored upon completion of work.



The HR director plays an important role in the opening of a new establishment, because the work of the entire team depends on his professionalism. For the opening and successful functioning of a burger, it is necessary: to devote to the empowerment of employees, the quality of work, the achievement of goals and the continuous development of personnel.

Organization of employment processes


The author highlights the competencies that an applicant must have in order to obtain a position: responsibility, resistance to stress, benevolence. The formulation of other competencies depends on the concept of the institution and its main goals.

Employee training and motivation


It occurs through the creation of programs that allow you to optimize work processes in accordance with the goals of the organization. It is necessary to create and implement training for the development and study of teamwork. The quality of service will depend on well-coordinated work, and this, in turn, will be decisive for retaining customers. Service improvements are linked to customer service. 80% of a visitor’s mood depends on the service process, the rest is just food and atmosphere.

Internal training is necessary for the successful implementation of the project, taking into account the basic needs of the company: training of new specialists, advanced training.

The above listed work is the key to the successful and long-term functioning of the burger.

Burger joint opening phase


How to open a burger shop? The premises are repaired, employees are hired and trained – you can start working in the mode of training and debugging processes. So, you can track with what difficulties arise, and where the processes are absolutely debugged. It is possible to open the kitchen in “technical mode”, and work at a minimum load from one to two weeks. This period will demonstrate a real readiness for opening, because you can finally establish technical processes, face difficulties and by solving them. Exclusively after this stage, you can start working, trying to attract the maximum number of visitors, because by that time you will be confident in the quality of your product and the preparedness of your staff.

бургерная под ключEffective management of restaurant finances


There is a certain turnover of finance in the burger shop: purchase of products → profit from sales → payment of salaries to staff, etc. Part of the profit is in the cash flow, and it is very important to regularly monitor them. To monitor your finances, you should plan your restaurant’s monthly expenses, which includes non-recurring and operating expenses.

As stated earlier, a comprehensive marketing strategy will attract a huge number of guests. Promotion in social networks, creation of promotional offers, thematic days – all of the above measures will help attract new customers. However, word of mouth is the key, because in the company of friends there will certainly be a conversation about the best burger in the city. Your main task is to top this list. You can find out the current terms of payback and return on investment from our managers.

Burger Joint turn-key solutions


To open a burger restaurant, you can contact a company that will do all the above for you. There is a list of companies on the Internet that will provide this service. We can offer our terms of cooperation with guarantees of profitability and provide 👉  burger restaurant turn-key solutions

Buy a burger franchise


An alternative solution to starting a turnkey business is buying a franchise. Thus, you will save yourself the hassle of creating a new product, brand and marketing. But in this case, you pay a lump-sum fee and a monthly percentage of the turnover. To find a franchise, you must know the franchise market well. See clearly which franchise will be successful in your city.

Rent or purchase of a established burger restaurant


In the commercial real estate market, there are a large number of objects that are rented or sold with all equipment and furniture, as a ready-made business. This is a great option if you have a finished product that can be sold in a prepared room. When renting an existing restaurant, you can make an operational rebranding. Bring in restaurant professionals and relaunch the restaurant. Thus, quickly open a burger shop and make it a successful and profitable asset in your portfolio.

Why is it better to contact a management company?


Proriat Hospitality Partners – provides comprehensive services in the opening of new businesses. Over the years of using various methods, we have identified five main stages of project management:

  • Market study and in-depth analysis, identification of the target audience, their needs and desires.
  • Concept creation, namely: branding, marketing strategy, design and atmosphere, as well as a comprehensive business plan covering the financial part and a task sequence plan.
  • Design and construction: selection of contractors, designers and proven construction companies. Close control of the speed and quality of the object.
  • Branding and marketing: service, process automation, marketing strategy, product and corporate identity.
  • Operational launch, including: planning and organizing the official opening, recruiting, comprehensive training and implementation of a daily management system.

Proriat Hospitality Partners, unlike other companies, minimize the cost of starting a business thanks to established contracts with suppliers and contractors. We guarantee results and effective management.

Management and profitability guarantee


Through effective business management, we are able to provide quality service that satisfies the details of guests, makes them brand loyal and helps to increase restaurant traffic. In-depth analysis allows you to quickly find unoccupied and promising market niches. We are the only company on the market that guarantees a profitability of 45% per annum.

Commercial real estate in HoReCa industry


We have got our own real estate database. Selection of commercial premises and determination of HoReCa points of sale: hotels, restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, bars. Additional information on the website 👉  Proriat Real Estate

Restaurant development and franchising


Opening a burger shop and scaling the restaurant business is an important task for the management company. We attract partners, franchisees, and open new locations. Proriat Franchise Development has prepared the necessary tools to grow your network. Branding and marketing, corporate identity (logo, uniform, name, interior), a unique product (seasonal offers, promotions, menus, signature dishes and drinks), service, automation and standardization of processes, the use of marketing strategies. More information about franchises and business services at 👉 our franchise catalog


Opening a burger on your own is a crucial moment for which you need knowledge and experience. If you still feel not confident in your abilities, and you need additional information about all the processes of opening an institution, we invite you for a consultation. Where we will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages. We will provide a competent turnkey burger opening with a guarantee of profitability.


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