Hotel consulting in Ukraine. Responsibilities of a Hospitality Expert

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Hotel consulting in Ukraine. Responsibilities of a Hospitality Expert


Hotel consulting in Ukraine, a business consulting service that is not so actively talked about, but many hoteliers want it. According to many analysts of the tourism sector in Ukraine, the percentage of tourism remains at a fairly low level. The hotel market in Ukraine is still far from its peak in comparison with the market of any European country. Therefore, many well-known international hotel operators have not even entered the Ukrainian market of hotel services yet. The dynamics of the tourist flow in Ukraine, before the war, regularly showed an increase in the number of tourists. Today, we can see that in the near future the economy of Ukraine expects active food export, industrial production and tourism growth.


What is hotel consulting?


The hotel consulting service in Ukraine unites the key areas of the hotel business. For example, commercial real estate, hotel management, brand management and development, marketing and sales, business development.


The hotel is a large-scale enterprise in the field of tourism, which operates in large commercial facilities. Real estate for a hotel is an important element of the hotel business. Hospitality Consulting in the hotel industry helps to solve any problems with the search and purchase of hotel real estate. A hotel broker will help both rent a premise for a hotel and sell a hotel business in Ukraine.


The second important element of the operation of a hotel company is its effective management, or in other words, hotel management. In this matter, hotel & hospitality consulting can be in the role of a management company or replace a hotel operator. The main task of consulting in the hotel industry is the smooth management and maximum profitability of the hotel.


How does hotel consulting work?


Providing services in the hospitality industry requires a team of professionals and business experts. Typically, hotel consulting in Ukraine is an association of a group consisting of hotel general managers, hotel owners and directors of departments: HR, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, reservations, restaurant and bar services.


One of the popular areas in which hotel business consultants specialize is the turnkey hotel opening in Ukraine. For aspiring hoteliers, opening a hotel from scratch is a task that may be hard to accomplish. A hospitality expert providing a hotel consulting service that incudes comprehensive solution in the opening of a new hotel. From the business plan of the hotel at the initial stage and construction or repair work to the launch of a hotel with daily effective management and high room occupancy.

When working with existing hotels, hotel consulting helps with the optimization of business processes and increasing the profitability of the enterprise. Usually, this is associated with attracting new corporate clients, developing a marketing strategy, active sales, hiring new staff and trainings.


Where is the hotel consulting service used?


In the field of hotel real estate, namely the purchase of development site for a hotel. As well as the purchase and sale of a hotel or hospitality business. At the stages of commercial real estate transactions, the hotel business consultant provides a representation of one of the parties, the buyer or the seller. Thus, it helps to sell or buy a hotel on favorable terms for the customer of hotel consulting services. Leases of hotel real estate are usually concluded for a period of 25 years or more. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct the most detailed analysis of the location and commercial premises in order to be sure of the investment prospects of the commercial property.


Crisis periods may occur in the work of an operating hotel, when for some reason the enterprise ceases to make a profit within the framework of the monthly budget. At such moments, hotel owners start thinking about applying for a “hotel consulting” service. Thus, it can be divided into two areas in which HoReCa consulting is in demand:


  1. Hotel planning and opening stage
  2. Management: operational and strategic management of the hotel


How does a hospitality business consultant work?


The first thing a hotel consultant does is a detailed study of all business processes of a hotel company. From financial audit to assessment of the moral and psychological state of the staff. This is an important step that helps the expert to see all the problems in the hotel, as well as create a plan to eliminate them.

At the stage of opening a hotel, a business expert in the hotel industry develops the concept of the hotel and creates a budget for the project. A site is selected for the construction of a hotel or a commercial property is being studied for reconstruction into a hotel enterprise. Then, the duties of the consultant include the selection of a construction and repair company, which, together with architects and designers, will be engaged in the repair and construction process. The advantage of hotel consulting is that you will have experts from all areas of tourism with you. After the completion of the repair and construction works, the pre-opening phase will be launched. This stage includes processes for organizing the functioning of all departments of the hotel for successful daily work.


Investing in hotel real estate is a popular form of passive income for investors. Thanks to consulting in the field of hospitality, you can profitably buy a hotel or apartment, which will be managed by a management company. Business consultants regularly analyze and look for promising commercial real estate for investment. By contacting a company like Proriat Real Estate, you can get comprehensive assistance in selecting hotel real estate for investment. The latest offers on the 👉 hotel and restaurant real estate market can be viewed in our catalog.


When is the best time to apply for a hotel consulting service?


Hospitality consulting is a universal service that can work at all stages of opening and managing a hotel. Many hotel and restaurant consulting companies recommend not delaying the involvement of a business expert in your hotel project. Thus, hoteliers can save not only time, but sometimes large sums of money. If your hotel has ceased to bring the desired profit, you can contact a company that can offer a hotel solution.


How much does a hotel consulting service cost?


Many hotel and restaurant companies in Ukraine that provide hotel consulting services work on the basis of an agreed fixed payment. And investment management companies prefer to work for a percentage of the total turnover of the hotel. 👉Hotel management in Ukraine is a common service for hotel operators and management companies. To get the exact cost of the service, you can send us a list of tasks or problems that you have encountered.


Why do you need hotel consulting in Ukraine?


Hotel business in Ukraine can be a difficult type of business for an experienced hotelier who wants to increase the total room occupancy. So it is for a novice investor who is just going to invest in hotel real estate or wants to buy a hotel business. A hotel consulting company will help you in all these matters and transactions.


Why do you need a hotel expert?


The main task of the hotel will be to provide quality service that will satisfy the needs of all customers. Your team, partners and staff will become the main conductors of the hotel concept. An expert in the hotel industry, will become your indispensable partner in opening a hotel or its impeccable management. You will not need to contact a real estate agency to buy or sell a hotel in Ukraine and abroad. Look for a general manager who will have to ensure the cost-effective operation of the hotel. Engage in the operational management of the hotel and regularly encounter pop-up problems. All tasks can be handled by your hotel expert in Ukraine. Thus, the hotel consulting service will cover all areas in the management of a hotel or the opening of a new hospitality project.


Hotel operators in Ukraine, hotel franchises and investment management companies in the field of HoReCa, the choice to be made to attract the help of experts or transfer the hotel to the management of a hotel company.


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