How to Start a Hotel in Ukraine. Acquisition of a Hotel Business in Ukraine

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How to Start a Hotel in Ukraine. Acquisition of a Hotel Business in Ukraine


Are you looking for the way to start a hotel business in Ukraine? Interested in buying a hotel real estate or wish to expand your hotel brand in Ukrainian market? We are going to give some general tips about opening a Hotel in Ukraine and will share with our services and hospitality solutions we can provide.


Hotel & Hospitality Services in Ukraine 


💼 Proriat Hospitality Partners – investment management company is specialising in hotel & hospitality industry. Launching and operating hotels and restaurants in Ukraine.

💼 Proriat Real Estate – providing brokerage and real estate investment services in Ukraine. Our real estate experts are mainly focus in hotel & hospitality properties.

💼 Proriat Franchise Development – franchise directory №1 in Ukraine. Helping established hotel and restaurant brands to expand business on new markets


Acquisition of a Hotel Business in Ukraine


Buying a hotel in Ukraine is quite a popular deal for large chain hotels and international real estate developers. Before purchasing such asset, we recommend ordering a property valuation services to help you understand what your investment will be like in 5 or 10 years. Finding an investment-attractive hotel to buy is complex work which, requiring great local market understanding and direct seller contacts. Our brokerage services will help you find the best hotel & hospitality real estate investment opportunities in Ukraine. 👉 Hotel & Hospitality Real Estate Directory


Starting a hotel in Ukraine: Finding hotel property development site


To find the perfect development site, you might need to contact local real estate agencies. Currently, we are the only real estate brokers in Ukraine who exclusively is focusing on hotel & hospitality real estate. You can try to look for a development sites through popular real estate directories and marketplaces.


Hotel turnkey business solutions


Are you interested in investing in Ukraine and considering opening a hotel? Then you can find several local Ukrainian hotel operators who provide hotel opening solutions. The solutions will include hotel property development site selection, architecture project, hotel construction, hotel management. Also, our brokerage company always have some turnkey hotel for sale in Ukraine, you might be interested in investing in such hospitality offers.  — Proriat hospitality Partners is helping to launch a hotel in Ukraine and providing effective hospitality management solution.


Inquiring Hotel franchise or hotel operator


As a hotel owner, hiring a hotel operator or buying a hotel franchise can be a pressing issue. Thus, we have created the Franchise Directory & Hotel Operators platform where you can find a partner for the hotel and restaurant industry. Please note that in the catalog we have not listed all the possibilities of hotel franchising or hotel operators. If you want to start developing a hotel brand in Ukraine, our marketing and franchise experts will be happy to help you enter the Ukrainian market.


How to start a hotel: architecture and design


Creating an architectural blueprint for opening a hotel will be an important step in a hotelier’s business plan. Finding an architect and designer may not be such an easy process. The architecture of the hotel will affect the comfort of your guests. Properly planned spaces for guests and staff will ensure the smooth operation of the hotel. While the design will make the atmosphere in the hotels conceptually unique and memorable.

If you are looking for a hotel architect and designer, don’t hesitate to contact us at our hospitality architecture & design solution.


Hotel market research and analyses


Just like any other business there’s going to be competition when starting out a large, small hotel or Bed and Breakfast in Ukraine. Which means you need a careful business plan and good organizational skills.


Have a look at the following tips and things that you need to know how is your hotel going to stand out from others.


You need to decide what kind of a business it is that you’re going to be running and how you can make it stand out from already existing hotel competitors in Ukraine. For example, if you’re thinking about opening a 4-star hotel in Kyiv with minimum of 100 kyes you should research which other hotels nearby and have a look at their services and reviews. If they have negative reviews in a specific area this is something you’ll want to pick up on in order to give your future guests something that another business cannot. Also make sure you can see what other businesses are doingsuccessfully so you’re able to make note of these areas and make sure your hotel or apartments is successful in the sameareas. Making note of strengths and weaknesses of other businesses early on is an excellent way of having good market research and finding out what people want so you’re able to be ahead of the game before you have even started before you start up your hotel and hospitality business in Ukraine.


Understand your hotel marketing strategy


You should know what kind of an audience you want to market to and how your market to them once you know who your audience are. You’ll be able to cater to them better and therefore creating a more personal experience. For example, business hotel guests generally only stay for one or two nights within their business trips. So, it’s likely they are going to look for a hotel in city center, close to all main business centers. Guests will appreciate comfortable rooms with minimum noise so they can rest well before meetings.


Budgeting a hotel opening and operation


Financial plan is an important step in starting a hotel business in Ukraine. It should include all the hotel startup investment details, monthly operating expenses along as well as forecasted income. A thoughtful touch when running your own business in Ukraine. You’ll need to have a good revenue and return on investment. So, you can cover all your operational expenses and plan your next hotel project openings. Otherwise, all of your hard work will not earn you a profit and it will seem as though it was all for nothing. The right hotel management strategy is a halfway to the hotel business success, if you have the necessary knowledge in Ukrainian hotel industry. The other solution that requires involving a hotel operator or hospitality management company to manage a hotel might make hotelier life easier.


Planning your money might seem simple, but there are lots of areas in Ukrainian law, hotel properties and business operation in general you’ll need to cover. You’ll need to consider how much money you’ll spend to begin with and then how much money you’ll spend on a monthly basis.


Making money plans is a sensible idea to let you know exactly how much is going in and out of your business account.This also helps you understand how long it will take you to earn the money back you spend on starting your hotel business up in Ukraine to begin with and how much profit you are making. A successful business needs goodmanagement and this means good organizational skills.


Hiring hotel staff in Ukraine


The best way to organize how your business will be managed is to create a plan of how certain aspects of the business will be managed and who will be in charge of

each area assign different staff to be in charge of specific areas. For example, if you are hiring a cleaner they will be in charge of the bedrooms and a receptionist will be in charge of taking bookings and checking people in. This way you’ll be able to stay on top of everything and have staff report back to you so you know exactly what’s going on whether the hotel is small or large. To cover hotel staff hiring task, you might require a human resource director or an outsource recruitment company who will do all work for you. Are you looking for hospitality staff in Ukraine for your new hotel opening project? Please, see more about hospitality recruitment solutions.


If you are looking for more information on how to start a hotel in Ukraine, please contact us via email or at any messengers.


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