How to Start a Sushi Restaurant? Franchising vs Turnkey Restaurant?

открыть суши-бар под ключ

How to Start a Sushi Restaurant? Franchising vs Turnkey Restaurant?


Let’s take a look at the possibility of opening a sushi cafe on our own. What you need to keep in mind and what you should pay attention to. Which would be better, buying a franchise or opening a turnkey restaurant?

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How to Open a Sushi Restaurant? Opening a sushi bar on our own, where to start?


Sushi restaurants have long occupied a central place in the catering niche, and besides, customers in this segment have long been formed. Sushi is not only a tasty dish, but also quite healthy. Due to the variety of foods, the dish becomes rich in various minerals and vitamins. Opening a sushi bar has a number of advantages: high profitability, high demand for products and a free niche in small towns.


открыть суши-бар под ключLet’s go directly to the stages of opening a sushi bar:




Have an idea to open a sushi restaurant? The next step is to define the concept. This should be approached as responsibly and carefully as possible because you choose the vector of development. It is important to understand: what are you creating, and most importantly for whom?

The main directions should be considered:


Take away sushi bar. A reasonable option for business testing. This will help a novice entrepreneur to see the specifics of the work, and understand whether this business idea is suitable for sushi. In this case, a small room is rented. All dishes are packed in branded packaging, and the client successfully picks up the order. In case the business is profitable, you can invest in opening a full-fledged restaurant.

Opening of a full-fledged Japanese and Pan-Asian restaurant. This option is the most expensive: the selection of a large room, the selection of personnel, the purchase of equipment and furniture. However, it can be the most profitable because you can serve more visitors.

Sushi delivery opening. One of the most economical options. A room with a kitchen is selected, processes are being debugged. Dishes are packed in branded packaging and delivered by courier throughout the city.

A proper option for a budding entrepreneur to open a sushi bar is to purchase a franchise. The marketing strategy is formed and implemented, the logo and branding are created. This will allow you to minimize risks because you get expert advice on project management. In addition, detailed information on purchasing a franchise, advice on running a business, an up-to-date list of franchises can be viewed on the website 👉 Proriat Franchise Development

Decide on your target audience, implement a comprehensive marketing strategy. Maintaining social networks is a necessary element of launching a project. While renovations are underway, start declaring your establishment. Through targeted advertising, seasonal promotions, and a unique bonus program. Don’t waste time promoting, you should be known before you even opened.

Interior Design. Remember, regardless of the concept of a sushi bar, it is important to have good lighting in the room. The interior of the room is decorated according to Japanese décor: themed décor, white walls, and dark furniture. You can decorate the interior with thematic details, live plants. Clients especially appreciate the practicality and originality of the design of the premises. However, do not forget that the optimal turnover of the hall is one of the fundamental conditions for the profitability of the enterprise. You can contact Proriat Hospitality Partners, our designers will make you the best design project.

Commercial premises for a sushi-bar


How to Open a Sushi Restaurant? Location is important in choosing a room. A rational option would be premises located near universities, business centers, on high-traffic streets. The room was found. Now let’s pay attention to the technical part: toilet rooms, warehouse and dressing room, utility room. You can view the premises on the OLX website, but consider the possible risks of coming across unscrupulous landlords and agencies.

Found a premise without commission? There is no need to rejoice in haste, perhaps the amount of commission is already included in the rental price, and you will only find out about this when you sign the contract.

You can view the checked objects and select the most suitable option for your project on the website 👉 Proriat Real Estate

Renovation work indoors


After the chosen concept, you can safely proceed to its implementation. You can find contractors in architectural firms. We strongly recommend that you draw up a contract with specific working conditions. You, as a customer, can safely control financial relations upon completion of work, as well as compliance with the working conditions in accordance with the tasks prescribed in the contract. Indeed, it is quite possible to independently decide the arrangement of tables, the choice of style, design. However, regarding the location of communications, the choice of exhaust ducts, kitchen equipment, this issue must be entrusted to a restaurant production technologist.

A beginner entrepreneur is usually busy with paperwork. In this case, it is possible to invite a company that will monitor the progress of the repair work.

Search and selection of staff


To open a small sushi bar, which will be in demand even in a small town, you will need a sushi chef, a kitchen assistant, and two waiters. It is not easy to find a sushi chef, but the high quality of Japanese cuisine depends on him. The manager and accountant of the establishment should not be neglected. In the case of food delivery to your home, you need to conclude an agreement with a courier service. Remember that there is a high turnover in food service establishments, and it will take you time to form a team of people involved.

Sushi restaurant opening stage


After a long journey of conceptualization, completion of renovation work, and a streamlined marketing strategy, you are ready to introduce your own establishment. Take care of the comfort of the visitor and the quality of your products, because this is what demonstrates your professionalism and dedication. A satisfied client will definitely tell his friends about the establishment, and this, in turn, is the best advertisement.

On average, one serving of sushi costs from $5 to $7. A small outlet can sell 60-100 servings per day. The payback period for this business is about two years.

Sushi restaurant turn-key solution


Why not turn to professionals in their field for help in opening a restaurant? An alternative and yet another rational option is to purchase a turnkey business. There are many companies on the Internet that provide these services. We are also ready to offer terms of cooperation with guarantees of profitability and open a turnkey restaurant. Please learn more about our 👉  sushi restaurant turn-key solutions

Rent or purchase of a ready-made business


How to Open a Sushi Bar? Don’t want to start a restaurant from scratch? On the commercial premises market, there is a sufficient number of ready-made business proposals. In order to profitably purchase an asset, this requires regular monitoring of many Internet sites. Oftentimes, good restaurants are sold or passed on in narrow circles. Our company regularly collects potential offers, with some of them, you can find at Proriat Real Estate.

Sushi bar or restaurant franchise


Buying a franchise – simplifies a number of business processes, speeds up the opening of a restaurant and can be a profitable decision. The selection of a franchise should be given special attention, since in the end, you need to make a decision on choosing one of hundreds of brands. It must be remembered that when buying a franchise, you enter into a long-term partnership and take responsibility for adhering to all company standards. Remember, in order to make the right choice, you need to collect as much information as possible. Don’t assume that buying a famous brand’s franchise will make it successful in your city. Sometimes, it can be profitable to invest in young franchised restaurants. Each project should be analyzed in detail for prospects and studied the product and its competitiveness. A catalog of franchises and turnkey solutions can be found at 👉 Proriat Franchise Development

открыть пиццерию под ключConclusion


The opening of a sushi bar has a number of features that must be taken into account when opening. Is it possible to open a sushi bar on your own? Perhaps, but a budding entrepreneur will need a long, meticulous journey from concept to opening a restaurant. Experts will help you implement your project and avoid losing funds. Purchasing a franchise, opening a turnkey establishment – everything has nuances that you need to know about. So, you can contact us and get quality advice on the conduct and implementation of your business.

Would you like to get more information on how to open a restaurant bar? Contact us to learn more about our holistic approach to restaurant opening and management. We are waiting for your call!