How to Open a Pizzeria? Buying a Franchise vs Turnkey Restaurant?

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How to Open a Pizzeria? Buying a Franchise vs Turnkey Restaurant?


How to open a pizzeria? – a frequent question from aspiring entrepreneurs. Dreaming of opening a restaurant? And owning business, which gives, not only joy, but also brings profit. How profitable to open a pizzeria on your own? How can be important to involve a consulting company for the project? Buy a franchise or an established pizzeria business.  The article will tell you about all the features of opening a pizzeria.

Who we are?


Proriat Hospitality Partners is a hospitality company specialising in investment, management and openings of hotels & restaurants.

What will we do for you?


Management: long-term management and successful development of the enterprise. We optimize costs, estimate resources and set control criteria. We guarantee a cost reduction of -5%; an increase in sales by 10%. Return on investment 45% per annum.

Proriat Real Estate – qualified assistance and full support in the commercial real estate market in the HoReCa segment. Own base of objects: we buy and rent restaurants at a profit.

Priorat Franchise Development – complex solutions in supporting the growth of your brand.

Opening a pizzeria on our own, where to start?


Opening a pizzeria is an urgent decision to start a business. Pizza is a product that brings pleasure and profit at the same time. Just imagine: about five hundred million pizzas are eaten in the world in one day. One of the leaders in the fast food market segment is the pizzeria. Let’s find out why?

Let’s go directly to the stages of opening a pizzeria

Pizzeria concept


Before starting a project, you need to decide on the concept of a pizzeria. It is important to decide on the format: take-out, full-fledged restaurant or food court? This will allow you to clearly understand the plan and execute it appropriately.

Your product is the face of your establishment. No design decisions or location will save your restaurant if you do not guarantee the quality and taste of the dishes. Think over your product: how it will be unique, how it differs from others. Remember, you must guarantee the quality and taste of the products, so do not neglect the quality of the raw materials supplied.

Let’s say we created a high-quality and impressive product, but for whom? We need to understand our target audience, their age and preferences. It’s important to follow your marketing strategy.

  • The audience. Maintaining social networks will help in the analysis of the target audience. It is necessary to understand: what exactly do customers expect from us? Perhaps a unique interior, regular promotions or delicious meals. Pizza is a versatile product and is suitable for family consumption, a quick snack, or spending time with friends. You should not neglect themed days, seasonal menu novelties, because this stirs up the interest of regular customers and attracts new ones. Track the profitability of the promotion, and also come up with a short and clear slogan for the promotion.


Interior Design. The main nuances that must be taken into account when developing a design project:


  • The pizzeria’s color scheme is based on light, positive colors (orange, green, yellow, red, white).
  • Comfortable furniture, where the visitor can not only enjoy the dish, but also feel comfortable.
  • The presence of children’s furniture will attract clients with children.
  • Emphasis on interior details that create coziness (photographs, live plants).
  • Create an interior based on the format of your establishment. Designing an interior for a budding entrepreneur can be quite problematic and costly due to the irrational use of materials and insufficient control. Proriat Hospitality Partners guarantees a 25% reduction in restaurant opening costs, and our designer will carry out the best project for your establishment.


Location for a restaurant


The selection of premises is a key issue in opening a fast food restaurant. You must have formed: a concept, branding, logo, because you must clearly represent the institution and understand whether it will fit into a certain room. When looking for a room, we take into account: the busyness of the street, the first line of houses, because a lot of pedestrian traffic must pass through the institution. Don’t forget about the technical part: warehouse, toilet rooms, dressing room. You can find premises on the OLX website, however, consider the possible risks, unscrupulous landlords and agencies.открыть пиццерию под ключ

Remember, in order to make sure of the location and traffic activity, you should analyze the location, study people and their usual actions. Typically, this stage takes from a week to a month.

You can view the catalog of checked objects, get advice on traffic activity and choose the most appropriate option on the website 👉 Proriat Real Estate.


Renovation work


One of the most time-consuming stages of opening an establishment begins. You have successfully decided on the concept of the pizzeria, the logo, selected the ideal premises, and now the renovation work begins. It is important to find trusted and reliable contractors, preferably through architectural firms, because this gives you a certain guarantee. The contractor comprehensively collects the technical and stylistic aspects of the interior, which are accompanied by regular measurements and comparisons for the high-quality implementation of the project.

We strongly recommend that you draw up a contract with clearly defined working conditions. So, you can monitor compliance with the working conditions in accordance with the tasks prescribed in the contract.

Be careful, because insufficient control of repair work leads to a loss of budget. It is necessary to regularly monitor the progress of the repair work. In case of lack of time, busyness with organizational matters, it is advisable to entrust this business to a company that controls and knows the specifics of repair work.


Hospitality staff recruitment


It should be clearly understood what kind of staff is needed: pizzaiolo (2 people), waiter (2-3 people), dishwasher (1-2 people), cleaner (1-2 people), courier (if you are planning a delivery service), manager, with experience work in a similar position for at least two years. Be prepared for high turnover in catering establishments. You will need time to assemble a team that will work on the development of the project and is focused on the result, like you.

развитие ресторанаTake care of the development of your employees, namely: refresher courses, trainings, invite well-known catering workers. By motivating your employees, you ensure the growth of your project and team dedication.

Pizzeria Launch phase


It’s time to open, because you have set up advertising and promotion on social networks, completed all the necessary repairs, recruited staff. It’s important to consider the pizzeria’s bottom line, including planning fixed costs, which include employee salaries, utilities, raw materials, and taxes.

Practice shows: it is possible to recoup the investment in a year, and this, in turn, is an excellent indicator for the catering market. And with Proriat Hospitality Partners it is possible to reduce costs by 5%, increase sales by 10%, and return on investment of 45% per annum.

Pizzeria turn-key solutions


It is highly advisable and resource-saving to contact a company that will do the entire scrupulous path for you. There are a lot of companies specializing in this service on the Internet. However, we can offer our terms of cooperation with guarantees of profitability and open a turnkey pizzeria. Our turnkey solution for opening a pizzeria 👉 (Open a pizzeria restaurant)

Buy a pizzeria franchise


How to open a pizzeria? Another appropriate decision is to purchase a franchise, because you will save yourself the long journey of creating a brand, logo, product creation and marketing strategy. When choosing a pizzeria franchise, keep in mind the specifics of the franchise market. Detailed information on purchasing a franchise, the current list of franchises can be viewed on the website👉 Proriat Franchise Development.

Rent or purchase of an established pizza business


An additional and rational option can be called lease or purchase of a ready-made business. A large number of objects are concentrated on the real estate market, which are rented or sold with all the necessary equipment. It is convenient to sell your product in a prepared room. By renting a ready-made restaurant, you can perform a certain rebranding and also successfully promote your own product. You can profitably rent a room on the website 👉 Proriat Real Estate.



Opening a pizzeria has a number of thorny stages that must be strictly followed in order to avoid irreparable mistakes. Is it possible to open a pizzeria on your own? Quite possible. Will it be so profitable without attracting help? If you are starting a new business, then specialists will clearly help to implement your project and avoid wasting part of your funds. Organize processes, establish quality management. It is also advisable to purchase a franchise, but there are certain nuances and subtleties of work. We recommend that you contact us because we will tell you about all the features of the opening and successful management of a pizzeria.

If we could not answer the question in this article – How to open a pizzeria, contact us for a free consultation, selection of the current franchise and location assessment. We are waiting for your call!


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