How To Open a Cocktail Bar. Buying a Franchise vs TurnKey Business

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How To Open a Cocktail Bar. Buying a Franchise vs TurnKey Business


Have you decided to open a cocktail bar yourself? What to think about when creating a project. Where to look for premises? Franchises, ready-made businesses, and other points that we have tried to summarize in this article.


Who are we?


Proriat Hospitality Partners are experts and professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry. Creation of concepts, opening of hotels and restaurants on a turnkey basis. Integrated management and effective business development.

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Management: a guarantee of profitability, long-term management, and development of the enterprise. We guarantee a cost reduction of 5%; an increase in sales of 10%. Return on investment 45% per annum.

Proriat Real Estate is a commercial real estate expert. Local market analysis. Support in the commercial real estate market in the HoReCa segment. Own base of operating hotel and restaurant enterprises and favorable locations for the implementation of new conceptual ideas.

Proriat Franchise Development – strategic development of your brand, activation of conditions, and support for the growth of your brand.

Opening a cocktail bar on our own, where to start?


Cocktail bars are becoming more and more popular in the catering industry. Coffee houses, restaurants are boring, and visitors want something definitely new. Increasingly, entrepreneurs decide to open exactly cocktail bars with an unusual interior, new drinks, providing a completely new establishment. The opening of a bar has a number of important stages, which will be discussed below.

Cocktail bar Concept


A cocktail bar is a place with a unique concept. As a rule, they focus on a certain group of drinks, especially cocktails. It should be clear about the concept of what you will serve, what key drink your bar displays. Visitors come to the bar not only for their favorite drinks but also for the atmosphere and the friendly bartender. In cocktail bars, along with the preparation of drinks, bartenders tell heartwarming stories and support the general atmosphere of the establishment. It is important to decide what you are creating and for whom? You open a mono-brand establishment or develop a franchise project.

Audience. After choosing a concept, finding a room, you should boldly introduce the promotion of your bar on social networks. People in the city should know about you and look forward to your discovery. Maintaining Facebook and Instagram is essential because this is where your target audience is concentrated. You can also connect Tiktok, as this network is gaining momentum and a younger target audience is concentrated in it.

On an opening day, it will be advisable to arrange a certain opening party, treat with cocktails, have promotions and good discounts. You have to recommend yourself so that later visitors will recommend you.

Premises for a cocktail bar


Room selection is a key issue in opening a cocktail bar. When choosing a room, you should take into account the following features:

  1. Analyze traffic, liveliness of the location.
  2. Study the location for competition.
  3. Analysis of visitors’ preferences.

Coming into the premises, you must have a clear plan, the concept of your bar. You must have an idea of ​​your product, because the landlord will not wait for your logo and branding to be created. You have chosen the premises, started renovation work and the promotion of your business.

откроем бар под ключSome points need to be considered when opening a bar:

How to open a cocktail bar? It is advisable to place the bar on the first floor of a non-residential building. Didn’t you find such an option? It doesn’t matter, you can find a basement and play up the entrance to the bar creatively enough, which will emphasize your uniqueness. We pay attention to the technical part: a serviceable water supply system, sewerage system and uninterrupted operation of power supply. We mainly study the room for the location of the guests’ seats and the total capacity. The main thing in the bar is to ensure the comfort and atmosphere of the visitors.

You can view the catalog of verified properties and choose the right option on the Proriat Real Estate website, as well as all interesting offers are in our database.

Renovation work


The concept has been created, the premises have been selected – the time for meticulous renovation work. At this stage, it is important to find verified contractors through an architectural bureau, this gives a certain guarantee. The contractor comprehensively collects the stylistic moments of the interior and the technical part of the work.

The electrical equipment for the cocktail bar includes: a blender for whipping drinks; mixer designed for making milkshakes with fluffy foam.

The required refrigeration equipment is an ice maker, refrigerator and ice crusher. Wineries are also used to store wine.

It can be problematic for a novice entrepreneur to clearly track the quality of repair work. So, due to the lack of proper control, a significant part of the funds is lost. There are a lot of companies that, in a complex, control the processes of repair work.

Proriat Hospitality Partners guarantees cost savings of up to 25% on renovations.

Hospitality & Bar Team


The cocktail bar needs professional staff who know the basics of etiquette and service features. At the initial stage of work in the bar, you will need: a bartender, barback, manager, waiters, security.

Necessary qualities of the personnel: resistance to stress, adherence to etiquette, respect for confidentiality, benevolence. It is noteworthy that the bar workers need a uniform that will once again indicate your professionalism.

Personnel turnover is an urgent problem in the sphere of public catering enterprises. Establish decent wages and comfortable working conditions, and encourage your employees. It is also important to build a motivation system: personnel training, a system of incentives and punishments for employees, trainings.

бар под ключ киевLaunch


When the repairs are done, the necessary equipment is purchased, progress is gaining momentum – it’s time to open. It is necessary to invite the relevant government agencies to issue a permit to open an institution.

List of required documents for opening a bar:

  1. Registration document for software cash register.
  2. A contract with a security company.
  3. Alcohol trade license.
  4. Household waste disposal agreement.

The introduction of an automation system is a key tool for the development of the establishment. It allows you to see sales, make accounting transparent, track profitability. As an entrepreneur, you can successfully supervise staff even without being in the establishment. Choose a program based on the goals and convenience of the interface. The program should be easy to use.

Cocktail bar turn-key solution


Not sure where to start? An alternative option is to open a turnkey establishment with the help of management companies or a consulting agency. You can find these services on the Internet. We can also offer our terms of cooperation with guarantees of profitability and 👉 provide turnkey solutions in opening a cocktail bar.

Buy a cocktail bar franchise


Purchasing a bar franchise is also a safe solution. After all, you do not need to develop a marketing strategy, create a logo, or branding. You get a ready-made working strategy that will help in the successful implementation of your business. When choosing a franchise, keep in mind the specifics of the franchise market. You can view and select a franchise on the 👉 Proriat Franchise Development website.

Renting or buying an established business


Thinking about buying a ready-made business? A large number of objects are concentrated on the real estate market, which are rented or sold with all the necessary equipment. You are provided with all conditions for high-quality product implementation. By renting a restaurant, you can rebrand and attract visitors to your own product and the rented establishment. You can get acquainted with some of the offers on the 👉 Proriat Real Estate website, as well as from our experts.

открыть бар под ключConclusion


We tried to answer the question as briefly as possible – “How to open a cocktail bar?” A cocktail bar is a popular and relevant business that is interesting for different target audiences. If you are starting a new business, then the specialists will clearly help to implement your project, as well as avoid wasting a significant part of the funds. They will establish quality management and organize processes. This is an institution with a unique concept and a creative approach to work. Have you decided to open a cocktail bar? Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Contact us for a free consultation. We will create the best project for you and provide effective management with stable development of the enterprise.

We are waiting for your call and look forward to work on a new cocktail bar project.