Restaurant consulting in 2023. Do you need a Hospitality Expert?

Ресторанный консалтинг в 2022 году. Нужен ли вам Эксперт?

Restaurant consulting in 2023. Do you need a Hospitality Expert?


Restaurant consulting in Ukraine is a rather unpopular service. Aspiring entrepreneurs do not trust their idea, and experienced restaurateurs, I think they know their restaurant better than anyone else.

Let’s figure out if you need restaurant consulting, what and where it can come in handy at different stages of projects. What are the most important stages in opening a restaurant?

Brief description of the stages:

  1. This is the moment of business planning and calculating the expected profit in order to understand whether a particular project will be profitable.
  2. Effective restaurant management. If you do not have a clear management system, then most likely, sooner or later the moment will come when you will understand this, but it will be too late.
  3. Rebranding. Every business goes through the same stages of development. For restaurants, this is 3-4 years, only some projects can become an exception and stay for 10 or even 15 years in the same format.


Restaurant consulting during the development of a restaurant concept


One of the most common mistakes novice restaurateurs make is to start creating a concept by contacting a design studio. Interior is an important element in a successful restaurant that creates a unique atmosphere and new emotions. This is what captivates restaurateurs – beautiful renders of your future restaurant. Only, they forget that guests will not come to the museum, but to have a delicious meal, have a nice rest and relax with a glass of champagne or a cocktail.


How can restaurant consulting help at the stage of restaurant opening?


  • An objective look at all business processes of the future restaurant concept
  • Location selection and analysis
  • Expected traffic
  • Potential target audience and creating a portrait of the ideal guest
  • Determining the needs of guests
  • Choosing the right pricing policy for food and drinks
  • Detailed calculation of the approximate turnover of goods
  • Budgeting and determining the return on investment

Having made a detailed forecast for the above listed and other points, you can save yourself from the failures that many businessmen make.

This calculation may take up to 1 month, but in the future it will save you not only time, but also significant capital. Also, a restaurant expert will start working with a design studio to convey all the necessary wishes for creating a unique interior. During the repair, he will select the best specialists and will monitor the implementation of the work. At the same time, he will begin recruiting so that the team can prepare for the opening, and the chef and chef bartender will develop a new menu and proposals. As you can see, there are a lot of tasks and these are only the main stages in which you need to be well versed.


Benefits of Restaurant Consulting & Business Process Expert


An experienced specialist in restaurant consulting knows the local real estate market well. And as you know, the location of the restaurant is the most important element in the success of the project. Therefore, when ordering a restaurant consulting service, always ask an expert which restaurants may be for sale or are in the process of closing, or where there is a good location for your concept. A professional must be well versed in all commercial spaces in order to quickly find the desired object. Often, it can be very profitable to buy a working restaurant with all the equipment, but which is located on a central street.


Should you buy a franchise or open a restaurant yourself?


Quite a popular question for both beginners and experienced restaurateurs. It is unequivocally difficult to answer this question, in our restaurant consulting, there are several profitable solutions. Frequently, young brands are looking for an opportunity to develop their network, so they attract partners. At this stage, it is very profitable to become a partner of a popular brand. We always have up-to-date offers for those who want to buy a ready-made business.


Effective restaurant management


And now you are the owner of your first or already the second and third restaurants. It’s good if you are doing well, and you managed to put together a dream team that went through all the stages with you from start to finish. And you don’t have to put out fires, you are thinking about creating a new concept. Then, our team will be able to make your successful project even more successful by implementing projects in new locations. But it so happens that the chef quits, a good manager is hard to find, and there are not enough guests to cover their operating expenses. And there may be two solutions, to close, sell, rebrand, or try to fix all the processes and set up marketing with sales. It should be remembered that restaurant consulting is not a magic wand that will fix everything in an instant. Serious problems require a serious approach to their solution and the search for the best solution. Our efficient management will help you put all your work in a new way. Increase restaurant traffic. Increase the number of checks. Reduce operating costs up to 5% – 10% and increase profitability up to 23% per month.


Rebranding for a restaurant


With restaurant consulting, you don’t have to puzzle over what to change in a restaurant to bring it back to life. All processes are usually handled by a team of specialists of various profiles. For example, marketers, designers, chefs and sommeliers. Developers, service experts, training managers, chef bartenders, and chef baristas. Artists and storytellers. The main task of the team is to make not only a wow effect, but also to make your asset a profitable addition to your portfolio.

If you still have questions and want to figure out how useful restaurant consulting can be in your case, then leave a request so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

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