Catalog of Franchises in Ukraine. Franchising in Eastern Europe

Catalog of Franchises in Ukraine. Franchising in Eastern Europe

Ukrainians are increasingly thinking about how to start their own business. However, it is not easy for inexperienced businessmen to succeed, even if they have a great idea. Therefore, experts recommend novice entrepreneurs to pay attention to the franchising model. It allows for relatively little money to gain access to an already proven strategy for conducting this or that business under the supervision of experienced mentors.

Proriat Hospitality Partners – provides international franchise selection services, conducts an expert analysis of locations, and conduct a detailed audit of the local market. We will become your valuable partner from the beginning of negotiations on the purchase of the desired brand to the implementation of the project, ensuring uninterrupted management of the project.

You need to understand that when you take on the use of someone’s well-promoted brand, you, as an entrepreneur (franchisee), have very specific obligations and standards for doing business. Therefore, experts recommend thoroughly checking a potential partner before signing the contract. And to find out whether the franchisor is really interested in developing and expanding his brand or just wants to earn extra money on you.

An entrepreneur always has the opportunity to check the background of the brand. In addition to the franchisor, it is worth communicating with customers, suppliers, and other franchisees who work or have worked with him before, as well as hospitality experts of the Franchising Association.

If you’ve got any doubts, better consider other business solutions, says, Kyryll Ushakov, CEO at Proriat Hospitality Partners. He continues, there are strong and confident international franchise brands that can succeed in Ukraine, it’s a matter of proper market study with an in-depth competition understanding and the right location with defined products consumers want to buy.

Here are the 10 franchises that are considered the most popular in the Ukraine market, and the investment you should be aware of before you decide to start the restaurant business with them. 

Bilyy Nalyv

Catalog of Franchises in Ukraine1€ One euro barHot dog, pie, oysters, and cider. Bilyy Nalyv is a place about little sins that you should afford. And about the temptation that drives your appetite. It just needs to be felt. A wish that comes when you think about a glass of cold apple cider with bubbles.

What to choose from all this?
Hotdog, pie and oyster!
Oyster with lemon is a fresh delicacy.
Hot Dog. Classic or vegan. You can and should add a cheese raclette. Pie – with chicken near apples.

Investment: 60 000$ – 80 000$
Initial fee: 20 000$
Royalty: 5%
Breakeven point: 12 – 24 months
Minimum space: 50 -150 m2


Catalog of Franchises in Ukraine

We can see a coffee boom in Ukraine. Drinking coffee has become a part of urban culture. According to Proriat Hospitality Partners, the coffee market in Ukraine grew by 11% last year compared to 2019 and amounted to almost 9.5 billion UAH. Though, customers still buying more instant coffee than fresh coffee beans. This is due to both price and underdeveloped consumer culture.

AROMA KAVA is a coffee shop chain operating in more than 45 cities of Ukraine, including Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, providing a wide selection of coffee drinks, desserts and sandwiches at an affordable price.

The company was founded in 2012, the start of franchise sales began in 2014. Own units in the chain – 63, franchised – 220. In 2018, 17 coffee shops were opened. The franchise cost – UAH 50,000, investment – UAH 120,000-800,000, payback – 6-15 months.

Lviv Croissants

Catalog of Franchises in UkraineLviv Croissants is a successful national chain of fast-food cafés in Ukraine.
An assortment of freshly baked croissants with a wide selection of various fillings for every taste: vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses, chocolate, creams, fruits in a non-standard combination.
Lviv Croissant’s bakery has become the No. 1 trend in the fast-food market.
Branded croissants: Lviv, Galitsky, Royal, Beef, Amsterdam, Philadelphia with salmon, Croissant with tuna, Croissant with mozzarella and truffle sauce and others became the bestsellers of the franchise cafe.
A cozy interior, caring service, an unusual taste and aroma of fresh pastries, and finally an average bill of $ 3, distinguish this format from others like it. 

Investment: $ 30’000
Entry Fee: $ 9’000
Royalty: 3%
Ads: Discussed
ROI: from 12 to 24 months.
Opened projects: 85

Chicken Hut

Catalog of Franchises in UkraineChickenHUT is a fast-food restaurant chain that has commercial success in many cities of Ukraine. The network includes 21 restaurants that operate in 14 cities. ChickenHUT confidently holds a leading position in its market segment, has a committed target audience, and a proven concept.

The ChickenHUT is a turnkey business solution that offers a ready-made concept, location study, and premises evaluation, a system of indicators of economic efficiency, architectural and design project, SOPs, great menu, management accounting system, staff training programs, startup support, consultations, and business development.

Investment: 1’300’000 – 3’800’000 UAH
Initial Fee: 75 000 -150 000 UAH
Royalty: 3%
Ads: Negotiated
ROI: from 12 to 24 months
Opened projects: 21


Catalog of Franchises in UkraineFreshLine is a national franchised multi-format network of highly profitable fast-food cafes, offering signature sandwiches with always fresh ingredients, providing friendly guest service.

FreshLine sandwich bar entered the Ukrainian catering market as a worthy alternative to existing fast-food restaurants, proposing a new concept for organizing catering. On the one hand, each FreshLine sandwich bar is a fast-food restaurant, and on the other, FreshLine breaks the stereotype of the fast food concept: FreshLine product is a healthy diet, a sandwich made of always fresh and high-quality products.

Investment: $15 000 — $50 000
Initial Fee: $4’500 – $12’000
Royalty: 4%
Ads: Negotiated
ROI: 1,5 – 2,5 year
Opened projects: 46


Catalog of Franchises in UkraineWOKA ASIA FOOD is a chain of Asian restaurants, was the first concept implemented in Ukraine according to all the canons of real Pan-Asian cuisine. The franchise is actively developing and shows steady success in the restaurant business market.

Dishes from WOKA being are prepared according to traditional recipes of oriental cuisine but adapted to the tastes of any consumer. Our Brand chef has collected the most popular recipes of Japan, China, Thailand, India, Laos, and Vietnam. The main menu also features traditional sushi and rolls. The restaurant range is adaptive and includes the features of each location in which the institution is located. Dishes are carried out exclusively from fresh and high-quality products, which ensures the taste you remember.

Our 17 years of experience in the restaurant business guarantees a successful and profitable business for our franchisees.

Investment: $10’000 – $40’000
Initial Fee: $3’500 – $8’500
Royalty: 2.5%
Ads: Negotiated
ROI: 1,5 – 2,5 year
Opened projects: 18


Catalog of Franchises in UkraineGRILL PUB is an international chain of grill restaurants, presented in two formats: stationary restaurants and food court establishments in the shopping center. One of the features of the chain’s establishments is the outdoor barbecue grill, which is located directly in the hall. In this way, guests can watch how their meals are prepared. According to the company policies, dishes are prepared exclusively from fresh products, special attention is paid to the meat, as it is not subjected to preliminary freezing. Restaurant-style dishes are presented at affordable prices as a daily tasty and healthy diet.

Investment: 590’000 – 750’000 UAH
Initial Fee: n/a
Royalty: 2%
Ads: 0%
ROI: 6 months
Opened projects: 21

MAFIA Franchise

Catalog of Franchises in UkraineToday MAFIA is a chain of Japanese and Italian restaurants, the most dynamically developing in Ukraine. The MAFIA brand has already gained popularity in such cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, as well as Moldova. Buying a MAFIA franchise, you invest in a successful and profitable business with minimal risk.

We have developed an effective business model focused on a quick return on investment, implemented operation standards. The main achievement is 100% automation of all processes in the restaurant. Everything is set up so that your restaurant makes a profit from the first days after opening.

According to a survey conducted by the Romir research holding, in large cities, statistics show restaurants demand per cuisine: Italian (24%), European (24%), and Japanese (32%) are more popular.

Investment: 700 EUR/м2
Initial Fee: 30 000 EUR
Royalty: 5%
Ads: 2%
ROI: 24–36 months
Opened projects: 21

Pizza Celentano

Catalog of Franchises in UkraineFast Food Systems is the most experienced franchise owner in Ukraine. Since 1998, FFS has been holding the title of the largest operator restaurant in the country. Today, the company operates more than 140 restaurants of TM «Pizza Celentano», «Potato Hut» and «YAPI».

Investment: € 150’000
Entrance fee: € 6’000 – € 10’000
Royalty: 1.5% (of turnover) per month
Advertising deductions: Discussed
ROI: from 24 to 30 months.
Total units: 176
Development Regions: Ukraine
Minimum space: 200 m2
Staff: 18-45 people

Mr.Grill Hotdogs & Burgers

Catalog of Franchises in UkraineMr.Grill Hotdogs & Burgers is a hot dog and bar cafe chain.

Mr.Grill’s primary mission is to make people happy, that is, happy. We carry a culture of consuming high quality and delicious hot dogs and burgers and dispel the stereotype; we have hot dogs and burgers as full and refined dishes.

Investment: 52 500 $ – 95 000 $
Initial Fee: 5 000 $ – 10 000 $
Royalty: 2%
Ads: n/a
ROI: 11 – 26 months
Opened projects: n/a

Feel free to contact us If you have any questions. We are looking forward to assisting you in providing 360-degree restaurant concept development services. Visit our Franchise Directory to find more availible opportunites.

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