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We Create. We Improve. We Manage!

An offer for existing HoReCa establishments

– Administration: service fee (1% – 5%)
– Management: service fee (5% – 10%)
– Brand operator: service fee (10% – 20%)

Result: cost optimization – 5%, increase
of gross turnover + 10%

– New products and offerings development
– Support in opening of new establishments

Contract: min. 1 year.



We Create. We Improve. We Manage!

Restaurant “TURNKEY” Solutions

– Talented team to launch a restaurant
– Market research
– Selection of premises
– Creation of a new brand
– Architecture and design
– Staff hiring and training
– Project management
– Business development
– Management 3.0
– Franchising

Result: projected return on investment and expected gross operating profit.

Contract: negotiated.



We Create. We Improve. We Manage!

The establishment is over 4 years old. The restaurant is not making the desired profit.

– 360 degree restaurant analyse
– Competitive analysis
– Defining the target audience
– SWOT analysis
– Renovation and interior solutions
– Crafting a new strategy
– Restaurant restart
– Management 3.0
– Business development

Result: creation of a new concept at minimal cost. Setting and achieving targeted sales budget. Profitability: 21%
ROI: 7% – 9%


 80% of restaurant success is determined before it opens

Management 3.0 is about putting people first, profit and business development.

  • It can serve for the franchisee as an extra support and administrative control in order to achieve desired profit by handing over some control to our team. For the franchisor, this is an additional opportunity and advantage in the opening and development of its brand, offering additional support in the launching and management of establishments for its new partners.
  • The owner of an independent restaurant with a decent monthly revenue understands the importance of competent management, the challenges of competition and the need to constantly develop unique proposals. At the same time ensuring the smooth running of the establishment.
  • The success of a restaurant opening is determined at the planning stage. A single centre that deals with the creation of a new concept, the search and selection of premises, the formation of a team, the opening and management of a restaurant will be able to guarantee the expected profitability and return on investment.


Turnkey Restaurant – comprehensive service for the selection of a suitable concept that works successfully in a neighbouring city or in a country with a popular gastronomic culture. Creative work on creating a new format or adapting existing products to the local market. Optimal solutions for opening a restaurant with 360-dagree service, from crafting an idea to the first guests, and guaranteeing an effective management of your business.


Rebranding is an integral part of any catering establishment that has reached its age and requires radical changes. Prompt change of the restaurant concept can help in cases if the current one is not brining desire income expectation. As a result, from an empty hall, make one of the most popular restaurant or bar in the city. The art of finding an idea and vision for the future ideal restaurant with detailed financial plan will be able to meet the guests needs, and therefore make the restaurant a profitable asset. A restaurant is more than a place where you can have a delicious meal, drink a cocktail or have a cup of aromatic coffee. A true restaurant – opens up for people, can tell a story, provide a journey into the past or the future, able to freeze time. A place of delights and meetings in an atmosphere that can express its own language and convey feelings.

“Take Your Business To The Next Level”


 A company, like a human, goes through all the same stages: birth, maturation, flowering, maturity and decline.

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Consistent improvements to enhance your small business are critical for its success and sustainability.

“Analysis Is the Critical Starting Point of Strategic Thinking.”

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